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January 26, 2007 Newsletter

January 26, 2007

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Chauffeured While Reading! Talks to Frank Turner Hollon, Author of BLOOD AND CIRCUMSTANCE Talks to Gayle Brandeis, Author of SELF STORAGE Valentine's Day Contest

Featured Suspense/Thriller Author: Steve Berry, Author of THE ALEXANDRIA LINK

Featured Suspense/Thriller Author: William Landay, Author of THE STRANGLER

Featured Suspense/Thriller Author: Robert Dugoni, Author of DAMAGE CONTROL

Now in Stores: SLIVER OF TRUTH by Lisa Unger

Featured Romantic Suspense Title: MOST LIKELY TO DIE by Lisa Jackson, Beverly Barton and Wendy Corsi Staub

Featured One to Watch Author: Hisham Matar, Author of IN THE COUNTRY OF MEN

Featured One to Watch Author: J.G. Sandom, Author of GOSPEL TRUTHS

New Featured One to Watch Author: Elizabeth Crook, Author of THE NIGHT JOURNAL

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Chauffeured While Reading!

One of my favorite things about reading for a living is watching authors who I discovered as debut writers mature. One I have had my eye on was Michele Martinez, whose latest book COVER-UP will be in stores on March 13th. Michele's work gets better with each book (this is her third) and I truly love her style, as well as her characters. I see a huge future for her. We will have a feature about her starting next week.

An author who I found a bit later, but still was reading before many people knew her, is Lisa Gardner. I spent last weekend reading her new one, HIDE, which is in stores Tuesday. It's a really terrific read where she brings back some of her characters from ALONE. She's another author I am glad I discovered when I did.

Oprah made her first book club pick of 2007 today and it's THE MEASURE OF A MAN: A Spiritual Autobiography by Sidney Poitier. While we seem to be awash in celebrity memoirs, Poitier has a distinctly altruistic take on writing about his life. "I have no wish to play the pontificating fool, pretending that I've suddenly come up with the answers to all life's questions." He says, "Quite the contrary, I began this book as an exploration, an exercise in self-questing. In other words, I wanted to find out, as I looked back at a long and complicated life, with many twists and turns, how well I've done at measuring up to the values I myself have set." I have heard that Poitier is a great person and I look forward to hearing what readers have to say about this one.

This week we have an interview with Frank Turner Hollon, whose book BLOOD AND CIRCUMSTANCE was highly recommended by Joe Hartlaub. I had read Hollon's THE POINT OF FRACTURE last year and enjoyed it, and thus I am really excited about sharing this one with you. The books are very different, but both are very well done. We also have an interview with Gayle Brandeis, whose book SELF STORAGE is both thoughtful and thought-provoking. Alexis Burling's interview and review will give you a good taste of it.

We have advance reader comments for our featured Mystery Mayhem author Deanna Raybourn. The verdict on her page-turner SILENT IN THE GRAVE (which I loved, by the way) --- most of our readers couldn't put it down either and loved Deanna's distinct blend of history and thrills. Every reader I have shared this book with really enjoyed it and I already am looking forward to her next one. Confession here. I usually do not love historical thrillers, but this one was a hands down winner, which makes me very glad I read it. 

January's roundup of New in Paperback fiction titles includes THE TEMPLAR LEGACY by Steve Berry, a mix of modern-day thrills and ancient religious mysteries that fans of THE DA VINCI CODE will devour; DEATH DANCE, Linda Fairstein's eighth Alexandra Cooper novel, in which the Assistant DA investigates the disappearance of a world-famous dancer; THE JURY MASTER, a legal thriller from Robert Dugoni that introduces readers to attorney David Sloane, who teams up with a former CIA agent to try to solve a murder purposely cast as a suicide; SAVANNAH BREEZE by Mary Kay Andrews, the eagerly awaited sequel to 2002's SAVANNAH BLUES featuring Southern belle BeBe Loudermilk; and LOVE AND OTHER IMPOSSIBLE PURSUITS, Ayelet Waldman's insightful psychological portrait of a woman grieving over the death of her newborn daughter and unable to connect with her stepson.

Among our nonfiction highlights are EAT, PRAY, LOVE, Elizabeth Gilbert's deeply personal chronicle of the year she spent living in three different countries in order to better understand herself and her ultimate place in the universe; THE DEAD BEAT, Marilyn Johnson's diverting look at the world of those who write about the dead for a living; and AT CANAAN'S EDGE, the concluding volume in Taylor Branch's history of the Civil Rights Movement and a powerful rendering of Martin Luther King's final years. See the feature here.

The American Library Association (ALA), the oldest and largest library association in the world, has announced its 2007 awards, honoring the best children's and young adult books published in 2006. We have all the winners, as well as more information about the awards, listed on and

We have the winners and honorees of the John Newbery Medal, Randolph Caldecott Medal, Michael L. Printz Award, Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Award, Coretta Scott King Award, the Alex Awards, the Margaret A. Edwards Award, the Theodor Seuss Geisel Beginning Reader Award and the Schneider Family Book Award. My personal favorite is the Alex Awards as they were created to recognize that many teens enjoy and often prefer books written for adults, and to assist librarians (and teachers and parents) in recommending adult books that appeal to teens. Considering my younger son just finished a book report on THE FIRM by John Grisham, I think I can speak from experience when I say that there are adult books that are good reading for teens. I confess I do not want him to skip YA books though, since I think some very sharp writing is coming out of this genre.

Both of my boys have birthdays this week and thus I am in a chocolate marble cake with chocolate frosting swirl kind of mood. This weekend will be more celebrating and Monday my older son takes his driving test. I figure for the first month he can drive to the end of the block and back. We'll use the same theory I adopted when I first let him ride his bike in the street. He told me he thought he could head to PA and do a road trip in February. I am thinking February 2020. Of course, when I was 17 I was driving to New York, the beach and Washington, DC, but I think there were fewer people driving and they were more sane. Or so I amuse myself thinking. I do like how much reading and knitting I have been getting done since he has been learning to drive. Since he is willing to drive everywhere and anywhere it's been like having a personal chauffeur.

Cold weekend ahead thus the fire in the fireplace will be accompanied by the new Lee Child book, which I am very much enjoying, called BAD LUCK AND TROUBLE. It will be out in May. I love the menu at Tabla, a restaurant that has Indian-fused American cuisine here in the city. Thus I am very excited about cooking from ONE SPICE TWO SPICE, the cookbook created by the restaurant's chef, Floyd Cardoz. I have been marking up a menu I want to try all week. Last week when I ate at Tabla I was trying things with the * marking that they were in the book so I had a reference point on making them. Should be fun. Have a great week. Stay warm.

Carol Fitzgerald ([email protected])

List of titles reviewed and featured on January 26th

List of titles reviewed and featured on January 19th.

Click here to read our New in Paperback feature. Talks to Frank Turner Hollon, Author of BLOOD AND CIRCUMSTANCE

Frank Turner Hollon has written numerous short stories and is the author of THE GOD FILE, THE PAINS OF APRIL, LIFE IS A STRANGE PLACE, A THIN DIFFERENCE and THE POINT OF FRACTURE. In this interview with's Joe Hartlaub, Hollon discusses how the "lost art of one-on-one conversation" drove the plot of his latest novel, BLOOD AND CIRCUMSTANCE, and explains how his experiences practicing law allowed him to accurately portray both legal and psychological matters in his writing. He also describes his meticulous writing process, reveals the motivation behind his foray into the world of children's literature, and shares details about the possibility of a movie adaptation of his previous work.

BLOOD AND CIRCUMSTANCE by Frank Turner Hollon (Thriller)
Joel Stabler takes the life of his beloved brother Danny in what appears to be a mercy killing. When Joel's lawyers assign a psychologist to determine his sanity at the time of the shooting, the full story of his brothers' past --- and long family history of mental illness --- begins to unfold. Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub.

Click here to read our interview with Frank Turner Hollon and a review of BLOOD AND CIRCUMSTANCE. Talks to Gayle Brandeis, Author of SELF STORAGE

Gayle Brandeis is the acclaimed and award-winning author of several novels, essays, and volumes of poetry, such as THE BOOK OF DEAD BIRDS and FRUITFLESH. The idea for her latest work of fiction, SELF STORAGE, arose from both a personal loss and a conversation with a stranger on an airplane. In this interview with's Alexis Burling, Brandeis describes how she stumbled upon the unusual plot and elaborates on its themes of self discovery and cultural difference. She also discusses how the work of Walt Whitman has impacted both her writing and her personal life, touches upon how people define themselves through their physical appearances and addresses the controversial topic of the war in the Middle East.

SELF STORAGE by Gayle Brandeis (Fiction)
Set during the year following the September 11th attacks, SELF STORAGE explores the raw insecurities of a changed society. Gayle Brandeis takes a peek into the souls of a woman and a community --- and reveals that it is not our differences that drive us apart but our willful concealment of the qualities that connect us. Reviewed by Alexis Burling.

Click here to read our interview with Gayle Brandeis and a review of SELF STORAGE. Valentine's Day Contest

Valentine's Day is all about love, friendship and sweet things. Our Valentine's Day Basket celebrates the delicious things in life and includes books to put you in a holiday mood.

From the secret to creating the perfect chocolate mousse and finding a man who's worthy of you to a celebration of love among friends and tales of adventures in online dating, from a lying bride to a seductive tale of food and lust, the books in our Valentine's Day Basket are sure to satisfy whatever you're craving this Valentine's Day.

From January 19th through February 6th, readers will have the chance to win one of our five Valentine's Day baskets. Our Valentine's Day Baskets are sweet, charming and decorated with a polka-dot ribbon. They are filled with one copy of each of our featured books --- DATING UP by J. Courtney Sullivan, THE ESSENCE OF CHOCOLATE by John Scharffenberger, I LOVE YOU, LET'S MEET by Virginia Vitzthum, NOT QUITE A BRIDE by Kirsten Sawyer, SEDUCING HARRY by Judith Marks-White and STEALING HOME by Sherryl Woods. Also included are some irresistible Valentine's Day goodies --- a lilac-scented candle from Illuminations; heart-shaped pink and white sweetheart marshmallows; a silver heart-decorated picture frame; an adorable Valentine's Day-themed Beanie Baby dog; and a dozen Scharffen Berger chocolates.

Click here for all the contest details.


Featured Suspense/Thriller Author: Steve Berry, Author of THE ALEXANDRIA LINK

Steve Berry truly needs no introduction. An established master of the suspense/thriller genre, Berry is the author of such bestsellers as THE TEMPLAR LEGACY, THE THIRD SECRET and THE ROMANOV PROPHECY. His newest page-turner, THE ALEXANDRIA LINK, hits stores January 30th and will satisfy fans of Berry's distinctive brand of historically-inflected thrills.

-Click here to read a new excerpt from THE ALEXANDRIA LINK.
-Click here to see our advance reader copy winners.
-Click here to see Steve Berry's backlist.
-Click here to read fast facts about Steve Berry.

Cotton Malone retired from the high-risk world of elite operatives for the U.S. State Department to lead the low-key life of a rare-book dealer. But his quiet existence is shattered when he receives an anonymous e-mail: "You have something I want. You're the only person on earth who knows where to find it. Go get it. You have 72 hours. If I don't hear from you, you will be childless." His horrified ex-wife confirms that the threat is real: Their teenage son has been kidnapped. When Malone's Copenhagen bookshop is burned to the ground, it becomes brutally clear that those responsible will stop at nothing to get what they want. And what they want is nothing less than the lost Library of Alexandria.

Click here to read more about Steve Berry and THE ALEXANDRIA LINK.

Featured Suspense/Thriller Author: William Landay, Author of THE STRANGLER

One of our Suspense/Thriller authors is William Landay, whose highly acclaimed MISSION FLATS was awarded the John Creasey Memorial Dagger as the best debut crime novel of 2003. Now, with THE STRANGLER --- hitting stores January 30th --- Landay proves himself a fascinating and complex writer whose terrifying novel will leave readers breathless.

-Click here to read a new excerpt from THE STRANGLER.
-Click here to see our advance copy winners.
-Click here to read fast facts about William Landay.
-Click here to read critical praise for THE STRANGLER.

Boston, 1963. A city on edge. On street corners, newsboys hawk the shocking headline: KENNEDY IS DEAD. In the city's underworld, a mob war rages. But what terrifies Bostonians most is the mysterious killer who has already claimed a dozen victims, a murderer whose name is indelibly linked to their city: the Boston Strangler. This is the electrifying backdrop of William Landay's magnificent new novel, a story of one Irish-American family, a city under siege, and the long shadow cast by the most infamous killer of his day...

Click here to read more about William Landay and THE STRANGLER.

Featured Suspense/Thriller Author: Robert Dugoni, Author of DAMAGE CONTROL

Robert Dugoni, one of our featured Suspense/Thriller authors, has graduated from his Debut Suspense/Thriller status --- where we last featured him for THE JURY MASTER --- and established himself as as a top contender in the genre. His newest work is DAMAGE CONTROL, a thriller about a gifted attorney whose perfect world is torn apart by secrets and a crime only she can solve --- if she can stay alive. The book hits shelves on February 14th.

-Click here to read an excerpt from DAMAGE CONTROL.
-Click here to see our advance reader copy winners.
-Click here to read fast facts about Robert Dugoni.

A rising star at her prestigious Seattle law firm, Dana Hill knows all about stress. She pours herself into her work and family with all the energy she has. But her carefully balanced life is about to be turned upside down. First a frightening medical diagnosis forces her to reassess her roles as a lawyer, mother, and wife to a man she suddenly no longer trusts. Then her life is rocked further by the shocking and brutal murder of her twin brother.

As Dana and Logan chase the faint trail of evidence from Seattle to Maui, they threaten the reputation, career, and future of a powerful man who will stop at nothing to protect what he considers his. But for Dana, for whom time has a special meaning, nothing --- not even her own life --- is more important than finding the truth. She has moved beyond fear and beyond anyone's attempts at damage control.

Click here to read more about Robert Dugoni and DAMAGE CONTROL.


Now in Stores: SLIVER OF TRUTH by Lisa Unger

SLIVER OF TRUTH by Lisa Unger (Thriller)
Reviewed by Terry Miller Shannon
Ridley Jones is swept into a whirlpool of deceit and danger as she struggles to discover the truth about her dead (or is he?) father and herself in this irresistible and intelligent thriller, a sequel to Lisa Unger's sensational debut novel, BEAUTIFUL LIES.

-Click here to read an excerpt from SLIVER OF TRUTH.
-Click here to read our review of SLIVER OF TRUTH.

Click here to read more about SLIVER OF TRUTH. 

Featured Romantic Suspense Title: MOST LIKELY TO DIE by Lisa Jackson, Beverly Barton and Wendy Corsi Staub

We are THRILLED to be featuring MOST LIKELY TO DIE as our newest Romantic Suspense title. A collaborative effort by three New York Times bestselling authors and mistresses of the genre --- Lisa Jackson, Beverly Barton and Wendy Corsi Staub --- MOST LIKELY TO DIE (available January 30th) is a thrilling novel about love, revenge and the dark secrets three women hold to a terrifying murder.

-Click here to read a new excerpt from MOST LIKELY TO DIE.
-Click here to see our advance copy winners.
-Click here to read fast facts about Lisa Jackson, Beverly Barton and Wendy Corsi Staub.

A Killer Who Gets Away With Murder Once...

It's been twenty years since the night Jake Marcott was brutally murdered at St. Elizabeth High School. It's a night that shattered the lives of Lindsay Farrell, Kirsten Daniels, and Rachel Alsace. It's a night they'll never forget. A killer will make sure of that...

Finds It Easier To Kill Again...

A 20-year reunion has been scheduled for St. Elizabeth's. For some alumni, very special invitations have been sent: their smiling senior pictures slashed by an angry red line...

And Again...And Again...

Three women have been marked for death. Tonight, as the music plays, and the doors of St. Elizabeth are sealed, a killer will finish what was started long ago, and the sins of the past will be paid for in blood...

Click here to read more about Lisa Jackson, Beverly Barton, Wendy Corsi Staub and MOST LIKELY TO DIE.


Featured One to Watch Author: Hisham Matar, Author of IN THE COUNTRY OF MEN

One of our featured One to Watch authors is Hisham Matar, whose poignant and breathtaking debut novel, IN THE COUNTRY OF MEN, comes out on January 30th.

-Click here to read a new excerpt from IN THE COUNTRY OF MEN.
-Click here to see our advance copy winners for IN THE COUNTRY OF MEN.

Libya, 1979. Nine-year-old Suleiman's days are circumscribed by the narrow rituals of childhood: outings to the ruins surrounding Tripoli, games with friends played under the burning sun, exotic gifts from his father's constant business trips abroad. But his nights have come to revolve around his mother's increasingly disturbing bedside stories full of old family bitterness. And then one day Suleiman sees his father across the square of a busy marketplace, his face wrapped in a pair of dark sunglasses. Wasn't he supposed to be away on business yet again? Why is he going into that strange building with the green shutters? Why did he lie?

IN THE COUNTRY OF MEN is a stunning depiction of a child confronted with the private fallout of a public nightmare. But above all, it is a debut of rare insight and literary grace.

Click here to read more about Hisham Matar and IN THE COUNTRY OF MEN.

Featured One to Watch Author: J.G. Sandom, Author of GOSPEL TRUTHS

One of our featured One to Watch authors is J.G. Sandom, winner of the Academy of American Poets Prize. With GOSPEL TRUTHS, coming out January 30th, Sandom weaves a compelling tale of corruption, greed and deception.

-Click here to read a new excerpt from GOSPEL TRUTHS.
-Click here to see our advance copy winners.

They have been drawn into a plot more insidious than anything they could have imagined --- a battle to control one of religion's greatest secrets. For English detective Nigel Lyman, it begins with the suspicious suicide of a corrupt Italian banker in London. For French-born Mariane Soury-Fontaine, it starts with the mysterious disappearance of her lover. And for American mathematician Joseph Koster, the search leads through France's soaring cathedrals to the baffling labyrinths that masons once carefully inscribed in their floors.

These strangers are about to crack a code that dozens have died for, a puzzle whose power reaches back to the birth of the Christian faith, through the echoing halls of the Vatican, and to the dark, corrupt realms of organized crime. Now staying alive is the ultimate challenge. Because the next revelation is the most forbidden of all...

Click here to read more about J.G. Sandom and GOSPEL TRUTHS.

New Featured One to Watch Author: Elizabeth Crook, Author of THE NIGHT JOURNAL

We are thrilled to be featuring Elizabeth Crook as our newest featured One to Watch author. Seductive and richly told, THE NIGHT JOURNAL, which comes out in paperback on January 30th, is an enthralling tale and establishes Elizabeth Crook as a true literary talent.

-Click here to see our advance copy winners.
-Click here to read an excerpt from THE NIGHT JOURNAL.
-Click here to read a Reading Group Guide for THE NIGHT JOURNAL.
-Click here to read critical praise for THE NIGHT JOURNAL.

Elizabeth Crook's novel is a lavish and transporting tale of a young woman discovering the truth about her family's mythic past.

Meg Mabry has spent her life with her back turned to her legendary family legacy. In the 1890s her great-grandmother Hannah Bass composed starkly revealing diaries of her life on the southwestern frontier, first as a Harvey Girl at the glamorous Montezuma Resort in New Mexico and later as the wife of brilliant, and often absent, railway engineer Elliott Bass. A generation later, Hannah's daughter, Claudia Bass, a renowned historian known to all as Bassie, staked her academic career and reputation on these vibrant accounts, editing and publishing them to great acclaim, and establishing the Bass family as a pillar in the history of the American southwest.

Click here to read more about Elizabeth Crook and THE NIGHT JOURNAL.


This Week's Reviews and Features

SKYLIGHT CONFESSIONS by Alice Hoffman (Fiction)
The bestselling author of 18 acclaimed novels, Alice Hoffman continues to outshine herself with SKYLIGHT CONFESSIONS, her brilliant, achingly beautiful new work of fiction that explores family secrets, betrayals and whether it's possible to escape our destinies --- or our pasts. Reviewed by Norah Piehl.

-Click here to read an excerpt from SKYLIGHT CONFESSIONS.

ABOUT ALICE by Calvin Trillin (Memoir)
This brief, beautiful book is a tribute to Alice Stewart Trillin, the author's wife, who died in New York City after a long battle with cancer on September 11, 2001. Calvin Trillin's memories of Alice are at once inspiring, heartwarming, clever and sad in this moving series of essays about a life tragically cut short. Reviewed by Eileen Zimmerman Nicol.

-Click here to read an excerpt from ABOUT ALICE.

DANCING IN THE STREETS: A History of Collective Joy by Barbara Ehrenreich (History)
In BLOOD RITES, Barbara Ehrenreich delved into the origins of our species' attraction to war. Here, she explores the opposite impulse, one that has been so effectively suppressed that we lack even a term for it: the desire for collective joy, historically expressed in ecstatic revels of feasting, costuming and dancing. Reviewed by Carole Turner.

-Click here to read an excerpt from DANCING IN THE STREETS.

KILLING JOHNNY FRY: A Sexistential Novel by Walter Mosley (Fiction)
Following a hurtful betrayal, a man embarks on an explicit sexual odyssey through New York. Walter Mosley, author of the Easy Rawlins mystery series, takes his work in a new and controversial direction in this latest novel, which he describes as a "sexisential noir." Reviewed by Tom Callahan.

THE SUSPECT by John Lescroart (Legal Thriller)
Stuart Gorman stands accused of murdering his wife, Dr. Caryn Dryden. Gina Roake, a partner in Dismas Hardy's law firm, is eager to take on such a high-profile case. But the more time she spends with Stuart, the more complicated her feelings become; she feels strangely drawn to him at first, then has to confront the possibility of a dark history lurking in his past. Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub.

THE SUCCESSOR by Stephen Frey (Thriller)
Make-or-break decisions involving millions of dollars are all in a day's work for Christian Gillette, chairman of Everest Capital, New York's most renowned private equity firm. He has taken on the toughest, most powerful and often most dangerous adversaries and prevailed. But now Gillette will be put to the ultimate test. Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub.

In his most existential novel to date, Paul Auster sentences readers to spend one claustrophobic day alongside the enigmatic Mr. Blank. Along the way, Auster explores memory, identity and the essential nature of the soul. Reviewed by Norah Piehl.

MATTERS OF HONOR by Louis Begley (Fiction)
In his eighth novel, Louis Begley (WARTIME LIES, ABOUT SCHMIDT) paints a compelling portrait of three college friends whose youthful ambitions play out in both expected and unpredictable ways over the last half of the 20th century. Reviewed by Harvey Freedenberg.

I'M NOT JULIA ROBERTS by Laura Ruby (Fiction/Short Stories)
In her first novel for adults --- a tightly interconnected collection of 10 short stories --- Laura Ruby chronicles the progress of Lu, Beatrix, Roxie and their various stepchildren and exes as they take the perilous plunge into the maelstrom of the so-called "blended family." Reviewed by Maggie Harding.

CHILDE MORGAN by Katherine Kurtz (Fantasy)
Alaric Morgan has been pledged to the king's service, for his Deryni blood makes him ideal to safeguard the Haldane kings and ensure that Prince Brion shall have protection of his hereditary magic. But first, Alaric needs his own protecting from enemies on all fronts as a siege is being prepared for the throne of Gwynedd. Reviewed by Stephen Hubbard.

Click here to read our reviews and features. 


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