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Archives - Weekly Update

It’s been a super busy week. Yesterday was National Relaxation Day; let’s just say that I did not observe, except for the hour or so when I was in yoga class. For the record, who thinks of these random holidays? I missed Book Lovers Day last week. No one told me in advance. I have enough trouble remembering the holidays that there are cards for, let alone the ones that there are memes for.

Last night, I stayed up to watch Mary Beth Keane on "The Tonight Show." As you may remember, her book ASK AGAIN, YES is the "Tonight Show" Summer Reads pick. But, hey, before Jimmy Fallon announced the news, I had shared that it was one of my favorite books of 2019 and a Bets On selection. I loved seeing her talk about it with Jimmy. I snagged the photo of the two of them above from her publisher, Scribner, and you can see the interview here in case you went to sleep know, in honor of National Relaxation Day!

I am happy to share our latest “Bookreporter Talks To” interview with Fiona Davis, the author of THE CHELSEA GIRLS. I have been a huge fan of Fiona’s work through her first four books, and from our recent poll results, we know that many of you are fans as well. Hers was the book that you most wanted to read in July! I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, where we explore a lot about her writing and get a hint as to what she is writing next. She gave me a really high compliment when she posted this video on her Facebook page, saying about my interview style, “She really digs deep and asks the best questions.” You can watch the interview here.

At our house each day, we get the local newspaper and the Wall Street Journal, and on weekends we get The New York Times. I read most of the news online, but my husband loves a physical paper, and a subscription gets us online access. Each weekend I pull out sections of the paper that I vow I am going to read --- like "Styles" and "Travel" in the Times and "Mansions" in the WSJ. Do I do this? No! So a few weeks ago, I recycled a high pile of yellowed papers, feeling like I was overcoming hoarder tendencies.