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Archives - Weekly Update

Yes, it’s that time of year….Monday will be the 16th anniversary of I think the time has flown --- and then I ponder things like 14.4k modems and the original Spartan design of the site (art was compressed into postage-sized images so it could be downloaded quickly ) --- and the way we’ve grown from one website to seven, and it feels like a lifetime. Looking back at the old pre-broadband days spurs a lot of memories of books, authors, publishing friends --- and most of all the staffers who have been a part of The Book Report Network since those early days.

Another 90-degree day…but I have this nifty little forecaster on my desk that shows the temps dropping to the 80s tomorrow. I think we have had the windows open for about half a day since the end of June, which is quite annoying. But the long days of sunlight this time of year do wonders for my mood and energy level. I think I need to switch hemispheres twice a year.

This week, I feel like I am a virtual talk show host. A number of great pieces including some audios and videos came across my computer screen this week, all of which are worthy of sharing. For the record, there are others that were not worth passing along. I am going for only “the good stuff” here.

Big week in our house as my younger son got his first car. He wanted a used BMW and has been looking for the “perfect car” since he got his license in January. There was a budget cap from mom and dad on this and a ton of other things to consider, thus the long search. Last weekend, he was on the trail of a car that had potential but sounded too cheap ($1,850) to be good, even if it needed “some work.” This was confirmed by the guru at the shop that my husband has used for years, but while they were there, he happened to have a car on the lot that did make the cut --- a 2000 model with the manual transmission that Cory wanted, and thus now he is the proud owner of his first car.

Confession: My suitcase is not unpacked from my last trip. The good news is that it’s actually in my bedroom instead of in the back hallway where it was standing like a little statue that we all walked around until Wednesday. You can see it above looking definitely well-traveled and tagged “heavy” as it carried a lot of books this trip. At the beginning of the week, I plucked what I needed out of it; what’s still in there I don’t need for the moment. What did I do instead of unpacking? I read, which is my personal favorite form of unpacking procrastination. For me, it’s all work-related, which absolves me of any guilt!