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Archives - Weekly Update

Before I head to the kitchen to create (not cook, create) Thanksgiving dinner, I wanted to thank all of you for being a part of Bookreporter. Your reading our newsletters and reviews, sharing thoughts on Word of Mouth, entering our contests, following our virtual programs, watching our videos and writing us emails are so appreciated. To our reviewers, we are grateful to you as members of the extended Bookreporter team. Your writing and sharing of your work has made us the site that people turn to for informed review coverage without bias. We would love it if you could share what we do with your friends, family and colleagues as you embrace celebrating this holiday season.

I know that Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November, but this year it feels so early. I am behind on pulling together the menu and making shopping lists. I am thinking about what “new” item I want to add to the plan. I am playing around with a root vegetable dish with parsnips, celery root and other vegetables. I love to make up recipes. I made stir fry last night; we marinated the chicken in pineapple juice, and added daikon radish and fresh pineapple, along with other vegetables. That will be made again, and next time I will remember to add the soy sauce as I am cooking instead of later. This proves that my brain has been crammed with turkey-related thoughts.

This is the time of year when we are reading books that are out now while also reading promotional materials from publishers about books releasing in the spring --- and even summer. There are times when I look up and think, What month are we in? Thus the title of this newsletter. My life is a mishmash of months and days.

I told you last week that if there was leftover candy, it meant that we had very few trick-or-treaters. Well, above you can see the remains. There would have been way more candy if the full-sized Hershey bars were not such a big hit, or if we were not telling the children to take two or three.

There was one little boy who managed to grab at least a dozen pieces of candy, lamenting that he had been to only a few houses. He also had an adorable accent as he continued to shove candy into his bag. We were amused; it was like he was getting candy therapy at our house.