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Archives - Weekly Update

I am watching the wind whipping the leaves on our front lawn up and down the block. We now have the leaves from at least three blocks away on our lawn while ours have floated three blocks west. I broke my "Always Work at Home on Fridays" rule to attend the Comicon Convention at the Jacob Javits Center in the city, where graphic novels, manga and good old comic books rule! I recognized Archie and not much else. It's a whole other world --- and it's selling like crazy!

This week we had a record breaking snowfall so my younger son got a chance to get the sleds out and build a snow fort, but the snow left almost as fast as it came. The latter is great news since now I can take my car in and get the salt washed off of it. I park in a garage in the city where a number of record company execs keep their cars and their drivers are on standby waiting to chauffeur them around town. All of their cars gleam even on the saltiest of days. I always feel like my car is so grungy by comparison especially since it's black. Maybe I should just pay them to wash mine, too!

They are calling for snow here and I have to tell you I am hoping it happens. January was so warm that I have done none of my annual cocooning. Thus I have closets that need straightening, files that need cleaning out and I want time on the couch with a roaring fire and a book. Every time I mentioned a fire in the fireplace in January everyone looked at me like I was daft --- and I probably was!

I am not a huge lover of Broadway, but this week I took a night and went with some pals to see "Jersey Boys," the story of the Four Seasons. My uncle was Nick Massi, who was one of the original members of the band so the evening was more than just seeing a show. I found myself tapping my toe as if I was listening to the soundtrack of my growing up. Couple of notes here. There are a few "embellishments" to make the story more sensational. No one in the family recalls my uncle doing jail time or leaving his kids. I guess tweaking the memoir happens on Broadway as well as in publishing. Fun show if you have time to see it.