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Archives - Weekly Update

My new wetsuit is a huge success in the water; I spent an hour and a half working out both last Saturday and Sunday. On land, it’s another story. Getting in and out of it is an extra 15 minutes of a workout; I wonder if anyone has ever gotten a sports injury while tugging themselves in or out of their wetsuit, especially tripping while extracting one’s feet. I was cautioned to sit down for this. I was googling tips, which included spraying Pam on my wrists/forearms and ankles. Um…no! When I googled, the tips were all provided by triathletes. Relax, there is no way I am running or biking beyond the treadmill and my recumbent bike.

Fall has arrived after what felt like a way too short summer. But I am prepared; my new wetsuit arrived along with the gloves and socks. If I can get in and out of this without going into traction, it will give me a chance to do some great cold water swimming; it supposedly will keep me warm in 50-degree water. I tried it on last night and it was perfect, until I had to figure out how to get out of it. There was nothing graceful about this; in fact, it was more like a comedy show. If no one is around this weekend, I envision myself trudging through the woods to our neighbors’ house for help; I already warned her lest she thinks I am early for Halloween as I ring the doorbell.

As much as I love long weekends, it was nice to have a five-day work week this week. Somewhere around Thursday morning, I found myself able to exhale after a totally insane last week and start of this week. This is not to say that fall is going to be calm. Yesterday our Editorial Director, Tom Donadio, told me that there are 120(!) books on the October review selection list that he sent out to reviewers, and that was after he edited it. I have been having a number of meetings and lunches about Q1 titles for 2017. As I “read ahead,” I am taking copious notes so my memories will be fresh when these books are published.

We’re back and raring to go after a wonderful week off! As my life is typically way overscheduled, I decided that last week I would roll with no plans for the week. On Tuesday we spent a lovely day at the shore (that is the New Jersey word for beach) with my parents, who have a home there. It was nice to sit on the beach and meet my dad’s friends. Cory was able to meet up with us, and he and dad hit the waves. I loved that; it made a nice memory.