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Archives - Weekly Update

I love watching movies. I always have three Netflix films at the house and also enjoy watching documentaries on HBO, many of which are so well done. I am not a huge fan of going to the theater since screening times never seem to juggle well with my schedule. Judging from the responses to our poll question that is currently running, you love the movies, too. It’s interesting to see the films that you have seen or plan to see as I am curious as to what you like to do when you are not reading books. Thus, if you have not yet weighed in, you can answer our poll here and our question here.

In our ever-so-wired world, there has been a great hue and cry about the death of print books. I am now thinking about the future of bookshelves. Why is no one rallying on their behalf? What will become of bookshelves if eReaders conquer the world? Will they become just shelves? The futures market for decorative pieces might become one to keep an eye on!

I am not enamored with Valentine’s Day, so those commercials about men racing off to Jared and Kay Jeweler to prove their love are pretty amusing to me. I will celebrate the day by baking my traditional heart-shaped cake with pink whipped cream frosting and raspberries. But this year something happened that I would just call Valentine’s Day karma.

This is a signal of how bad the weather has been. The artificial Christmas tree that I brought to my office in New York for a client holiday party in mid-December is still there. I have stripped the tree of ornaments, but the weather has been so inclement that I have not dismantled it and taken it to my car. Visitors to the office have to think I am daft, but between my travel schedule in January and the weather, I have had no time for this. Maybe next week!