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Archives - Weekly Update

This is the last newsletter of this year and the decade. Yesterday, we were at our staff holiday lunch, where I celebrated our very small, but super dedicated team. We calculated that with 50 weeks of newsletters in the last 10 years alone, we have sent 500 newsletters since the start of the decade. (Since the start of the company, we have sent more than 1,166.) My huge thanks to Tom Donadio, who shepherds every review, organizes our lineups and never misses a beat.

Well, this has been one very hectic week. First, thanks to our readers who sent me birthday wishes. I am very behind on replying, but so very grateful to all who wrote. The celebrating began Friday with a wonderful box of truffles from my friend Danielle that has been such fun to enjoy. It’s a really tasty collection of 21 “cosmic inspired” truffles that are “infused with Moldavite crystal energy and angelic vibrational frequencies.” Each truffle is paired with a detailed story about the accompanying zodiac sign and is “infused with vibrations from the Earth.” It’s totally woo-woo and completely fun, as well as delicious. Cory, Sam, Tom and I did a tasting ceremony last weekend; Greg is allergic to tree nuts, so there were no arguments about who was going to eat Aquarius!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did, and I loaded everyone up with leftovers, so we did not have to come up with seven new ways to serve turkey. The four new dishes were a great success. And I got to enjoy one of my favorite days of the year --- the day after Thanksgiving. It’s not a real holiday, and it’s not a weekend day; it’s just a day to enjoy --- and I did that.