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Archives - Weekly Update

The snow prediction for the weekend in the northeast is kind of comical, especially watching meteorologists try to explain it on TV. We have a chance for something like two inches or two feet of snow. The on-camera personalities have perfected the swoop arm motions that indicate how the storm may unfold. The push of their hands moves it inland according to what happens with the wind. Then they swoop out, and magically the snow retreats up towards New England.

A random book event memory drifted into my head yesterday. A birthday reminder popped up on Facebook for Robin Gaby Fisher, and I immediately thought about an event that she did at the Clinton Book Shop in 2008 for her book, AFTER THE FIRE: A True Story of Friendship and Survival. She was joined by the two young men who had been burned in the 2000 Seton Hall fire, and the conversation that night was so real, honest and special that I can picture tiny details about it.

We know we have added a number of new subscribers in the last few weeks, so I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to the Bookreporter newsletter! it me, or does it already feel like we are well into the year instead of just 14 days in?

Perhaps in a spirit of optimism, I have been giving some thought as to what happens when the pandemic is over. I am not sure how many more words in the Greek alphabet we need to learn; I hope none! A publishing colleague put it well when she said it is like the Lambda Delta Omicron Sorority has been trying to recruit us, and we are all trying not to accept the bid.

Happy New Year! The holiday break was lovely, but I feel like just as I relaxed, it was time to head back to my desk. Omicron definitely cast a pall over the holidays --- the second holiday season of limited celebrating. Luckily, I am easily amused here at the house.