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Archives - Weekly Update

January felt like a year, and February has felt like a week! We are juggling a crazy number of projects, which may be why the time is passing so quickly. I have lists of authors to interview and other projects on spreadsheets all over my desktop. We use an organization program called We get a lot more done for having a place where we all can see what is going on --- and add projects. But just organizing things takes up so much of the day, even with the best tools on hand!

My husband has some favorite authors, and one of them is Mark Greaney. So I have not seen him much this week since SIERRA SIX arrived at the house. Last night at dinner, I asked him what he is enjoying about the book. He likes the way Greaney has braided the stories of how the Gray Man came to be, along with a new storyline. I knew I was not going to get an oral book report about it like I would have delivered, so I decided to use another way to share how much he is enjoying it. Last night, he disappeared at 8:00 to read, and I knew he was going to clock another wee hours of the morning reading. Now this is a man who is ready to roll up the carpet around 9:00 most evenings while I am the night owl, so know that we have a new way of gauging book love.

I did it! Last Sunday, I finally spent a full weekend day sitting on the couch reading with a fire in the fireplace. I grabbed an advance copy of WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BENNETTS by Lisa Scottoline, which releases on March 29th. I am going on the record here: This is Lisa’s best thriller. It is fast-paced with so many twists and turns, and I felt like something happened on every page.

This has been a week of wild weather throughout the country. I keep looking at friends’ pictures of snow in their towns, even in some of the most unexpected places. Last Saturday when it snowed here, I spent the day curled up with a book that I was reading to prep for an interview. I should have headed to the family room and had a fire roaring in the fireplace, but it was a lazy winter day, and not moving felt just fine. January is always such a busy month for us with both boys’ birthdays, and trying to get life back on track after the holidays.