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Archives - Weekly Update

Ho Ho Ho, oh no. Remember the extra week that I had for Christmas prep? Well, somehow I squandered that away and now am looking at my "to do" lists until "the big day" and crossing off sleep as an option. Things left to do include designing and producing the family holiday card, buying and wrapping gifts, baking brownies and packing for our trip.

I confess I am a Birthday Princess, so today as I celebrate the 24th anniversary of my 27th birthday I am sitting here munching delicious chocolate chip cookies baked by Tom, our Editorial Manager, and smiling a lot. (Tomorrow I will be swimming LOTS of laps in the pool to work off these calories, but for the moment I am indulging without contemplating.) For the record, I am called Carol because of the obvious Christmas carol tie-in. I could have been called Mistletoe or Holly, so I consider myself lucky. I am told I spent part of my first Christmas in a stocking, but that just might be family lore.