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Archives - Weekly Update

The New York area this month has had a string of blue sky days, which I just love. The temperatures are dropping, but I am in total denial about this! I did stop the boys from leaving the house in shorts and polo shirts this morning, noting to them that I would get the Bad Mother Award if I allowed them to get on the bus like this. Of course, this is the same threat that I utter when they tell me they do not need to bring anything for lunch since they are not hungry. I just picture the lunch monitor at my younger son's school telling people, "She may know books, but she forgot the LUNCH!" This is my nightmare.

I spent last weekend in Winston-Salem, North Carolina at the Southeastern Booksellers Conference. I got to spend a lot of the time with Charles Martin, the author of THE DEAD DON'T DANCE and WRAPPED IN RAIN, who is one of my favorite authors. I also met some authors who we have featured including Patti Callahan Henry and Mary Alice Monroe. It's always fun to catch up with authors like this. 

This week we bring you news and information about two books that I cannot wait to share with you. The first is CREEPERS from our latest Suspense/Thriller author, David Morrell, which just hit stores last week. I read this book when I was on vacation and loved the pacing of it as well as the plot. The story unfolds in an abandoned hotel as a group of "creepers," people who explore abandoned buildings, prepare to break in. Interestingly the book takes place over eight hours --- and Morrell has written it so it can be read in eight hours. It reads like a documentary with zero downtime. We have 20 SIGNED copies to give away for readers who would like to read this book and comment on it. Please send your name and mailing address to [email protected] by Friday, September 30th if you would like to be considered for this contest.

I had a great vacation on the Outer Banks, where there were blue skies, a good pool for floating and lots of great books. The boys and I also figured out a way to play cards in the pool with waterproof cards while we rested on floats with one of the rafts as a table. If you would like to see my comments on the books I read during my trip, please see my blog. And no, there are no pictures of us in the pool. Use your imagination!