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Archives - Weekly Update

I am cheating this week and writing this newsletter opener on Wednesday instead of Friday. I am on a flight to L.A. for the Book Expo America conference. Looking ahead to my schedule for the next few days, I realized that these will be my last quiet moments to concentrate on writing. Confession: I need to "drop into a zone" to write. I write best on the couch late at night when the house is quiet. Under pressure I can write in the office, but it's never ideal.

Years ago, when I was with Mademoiselle magazine, I traveled the country in the spring and fall doing a promotion called "On Location." We would fly to a city and do store events each evening that included a fashion show, makeovers and the season's fashion and beauty tips. It was a great way to see America, and I loved the travel to both the large cities and small towns. The camaraderie of the team that traveled --- editors, makeup artists, photographers and hairstylists --- made these events memorable.

The weather this May in the New York area has been cooler than usual. I have not yet thought about buying flowers. I usually buy my mom a hanging flower arrangement for Mother’s Day and, while I am at it, lay in a few flats for myself, which becomes the start of my annual overplanting adventure, usually requiring my purchasing additional pots and buckets for the flowers I MUST have. This year I opted for yarn and a pattern for Mom, and the yarn was wool! I think that tells the tale of the weather mood.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. I am sure that many of you, like me, see this as a holiday that should be celebrated for at least a week. The past days confirmed this for me, and it all had to do with shirts. My younger son is notorious for doing things on his own agenda, which is the last minute. Tuesday I worked from home as my husband was traveling. I knew Cory had a baseball game and did not want to be late. I suggested that Cory get his baseball uniform on before dinner so we would be able to leave immediately after inhaling food (I am sure many of you know these kinds of nights). I had confirmed with him earlier in the afternoon that he knew where the uniform was as the housekeeper had washed it. I got an exasperated "YES MOM."

When we last left off, I was in L.A. for the Los Angeles Times Festival of BooksI love going to L.A. There are people who loathe that city, but I love it, especially in April. While New York in April is usually spitting out a nice day here and there with a few flowers popping up, L.A. is bright and colorful. Thus the opportunity to hop on a plane and fly west is something that I will seize. With glee.