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A Man Must Contend with the Long-Ago Disappearance of His Childhood Best Friend

In Riley Sager's new thriller, MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, dark secrets lurk just beyond the safe confines of his picture-perfect neighborhood.

Welcome to The Manor, a Luxury Resort Built on Top of Old Secrets in an Ancient Wood

The Founder. The Husband. The Mystery Guest. The Kitchen Help. All have an agenda. But not everyone will survive THE MIDNIGHT FEAST.

This is No Mere Celebrity Memoir

THE FRIDAY AFTERNOON CLUB is essentially a family story that embraces the poignant absurdities and best and worst efforts of its lovable, infuriating, funny and moving characters --- its author most of all.

Here is the Thrilling and Highly Anticipated Sequel to THE LAST MRS. PARRISH

In THE NEXT MRS. PARRISH, Daphne and Amber Parrish are thrust back into each other’s lives upon the resurgence of a long-forgotten threat.

The Prequel to THE STORY OF EDGAR SAWTELLE is Oprah's Latest Book Club Pick

David Wroblewski's FAMILIARIS is the stirring origin story of the Sawtelle family and the remarkable dogs that carry the Sawtelle name.

We're Giving Away a Different Book on Select Days Throughout the Summer

Our next contest will be up on Tuesday, June 25th at noon ET. The prize book will be HONEY by debut novelist Isabel Banta.

Latest Features and Contests Bets On: SHELTERWOOD by Lisa Wingate

I know little about Eastern Oklahoma, and I never have traveled there. But after reading SHELTERWOOD by Lisa Wingate, I would love to see this part of the country.

The book is set in two time frames. In 1909, we meet 11-year-old Olive Augusta Radley, who knows that the two Choctaw girls boarded in their home as wards are not safe around her stepfather. The older girl disappears, and shortly after, Ollie flees to the woods with the younger girl. After the passage of the Dawes Act, which gave every Indian man, woman and child land, the youngest of these inheritors were preyed upon by men who wanted to lay claim to their oil rights. Children were hidden in the woods in places like the Winding Stair Mountains. There they would forage for food and protect one another, setting up their own systems of order in which the older children would watch out for the younger ones.

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» Click here to listen to a podcast of the interview.'s Word of Mouth Contest: Tell Us What You've Read --- and You Can Win Two Books!

Let us know by Friday, July 12th at noon ET what books you’ve read, and you’ll have a chance to win ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK by Chris Whitaker and THE GOD OF THE WOODS by Liz Moore in our Word of Mouth contest.

ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK, which releases on June 25th, is July's "Read with Jenna" Today Show Book Club pick and an upcoming Bets On selection. THE GOD OF THE WOODS, which releases on July 2nd, is July's #1 Indie Next pick.

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Summer is here! At, this means it's time for us to share some great summer book picks with our Summer Reading Contests and Feature. We are hosting a series of 24-hour contests for these titles on select days through early August, so you will have to check the site each day to see the featured prize book and enter to win. We also are sending a special newsletter to announce the day's title, which you can sign up for here.

Our next contest will be up on Tuesday, June 25th at noon ET. The prize book will be HONEY by Isabel Banta, a coming-of-age story that follows the meteoric rise of singer Amber Young as she navigates fame in the late-'90s and early-2000s era of pop music superstardom.

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Bookreporter Talks To...

As part of our mission to expand The Book Report Network, we have been shooting video interviews with authors and posting them on our YouTube channel. We also have been making them available as podcasts. Carol loves interviewing authors, so this feels like a natural.

Lisa Wingate's new work of historical fiction, SHELTERWOOD, will be a Bets On selection. She explains the origin of the story, a piece she found about a woman named Kate Barnard that sent her down a rabbit hole of learning more about the children known as “elf children” who lived in trees. They typically were Native American children who were sought after for the land rights that they owned after the Dawes Act went into effect as they were landowners. Lisa grew up in Eastern Oklahoma where the book is set and shares her history of the area, as well as her love of the Winding Stair Mountains where she frequently hikes. She and Carol also talk about shelterwood and the history that they were not really taught in school. Watch the video or listen to the podcast.

THE PARIS NOVEL is Ruth Reichl's new work of fiction and a Bets On pick. The concept for this book was born from a section in Ruth’s 2019 memoir, SAVE ME THE PLUMS, which prompted her longtime editor, Susan Kamil, to ask for a novel with that as a starting-off point. Ruth talks about why she set the book in the 1980s, as travel then was so different from what it is now. Yes, she dined at all the places mentioned in the book and remarks that she is surprised that more has not been written about Shakespeare and Company, and the Tumbleweeds who lived there. She also shares something personal from her childhood that influenced how she created the character of Stella. Watch the video or listen to the podcast.

Carol had the pleasure of chatting with Genevieve (Gwen) Kingston about her memoir, DID I EVER TELL YOU?, which is a Bets On title. When Gwen was three years old, her mother, Kristina, was diagnosed with breast cancer; she passed away when Gwen was 11. When Kristina realized that her cancer was terminal, she created a box filled with individual presents for each year through Gwen’s 30th birthday, as well as special occasion notes for events like engagement, marriage and first baby. With just those last three to open, Gwen explored what these treasures had meant to her along the way. She talks about taking this box with her from place to place as she moved across the country. Watch the video or listen to the podcast.

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Latest Reviews

Sandwich by Catherine Newman - Fiction/Humor

For the past two decades, Rocky has looked forward to her family’s yearly escape to Cape Cod. Their humble beach-town rental has been the site of sweet memories, sunny days, great meals and messes of all kinds. This year’s vacation, with Rocky sandwiched between her half-grown kids and fully aging parents, promises to be just as delightful as summers past --- except, perhaps, for Rocky’s hormonal bouts of rage and melancholy. (Hello, menopause!) Her body is changing; her life is, too. And then a chain of events sends her into the past, reliving both the tenderness and sorrow of a handful of long-ago summers. And when Rocky comes face to face with her family’s history and future, she is forced to accept that she can no longer hide her secrets from the people she loves.

Horror Movie by Paul Tremblay - Psychological Thriller/Horror

In June 1993, a group of young guerilla filmmakers spent four weeks making Horror Movie, a notorious, disturbing, art-house horror flick. Only three of the film’s scenes were ever released to the public, but Horror Movie has nevertheless grown a rabid fan base. Three decades later, Hollywood is pushing for a big-budget reboot. The man who played “The Thin Kid” is the only surviving cast member. He remembers all too well the secrets buried within the original screenplay, the bizarre events of the filming, and the dangerous crossed lines on set that resulted in tragedy. Still, he’s going to help remake the film, even if it means navigating a world of cynical producers, egomaniacal directors and surreal fan conventions --- demons of the past be damned. But at what cost?

A Talent for Murder by Peter Swanson - Psychological Thriller/Mystery

Martha Ratliff conceded long ago that she’d likely spend her life alone. She was fine with it, happy with her solo existence, stimulated by her work as a librarian in Maine. But then she met Alan, a charming and sweet-natured salesman whose job took him on the road for half the year. When he asked her to marry him, she said yes, even though he still felt a little bit like a stranger. A year in and the marriage was good, except for that strange blood streak on the back of one of his shirts he’d worn to a conference in Denver. Her curiosity turning to suspicion, Martha investigates the cities Alan visited over the past year and uncovers a disturbing pattern --- five unsolved cases of murdered women. Is she married to a serial killer? Or could it merely be a coincidence?

During her 20s, Francine Prose lived in San Francisco, where she began an intense and strange relationship with Tony Russo, who had been indicted and tried for working with Daniel Ellsberg to leak the Pentagon papers. The narrative is framed around the nights she spent with Russo driving manically around San Francisco, listening to his stories --- and the disturbing and dramatic end of that relationship in New York. What happens to them mirrors the events and preoccupations of that historical moment: the Vietnam War, drugs, women's liberation, the Patty Hearst kidnapping. At once heartfelt and ironic, funny and sad, personal and political, 1974 provides an insightful look at how Francine Prose became a writer and an artist during a time when the country, too, was shaping its identity.

Parade by Rachel Cusk - Fiction

Midway through his life, the artist G begins to paint upside down. Eventually, he paints his wife upside down. He also makes her ugly. The paintings are a great success. In Paris, a woman is attacked by a stranger in the street. Her attacker flees, but not before turning around to contemplate her victim, like an artist stepping back from a canvas. At the age of 22, the painter G leaves home for a new life in another country, far from the disapproval of her parents. Her paintings attract the disapproval of the man she later marries. When a mother dies, her children confront her legacy: the stories she told, the roles she assigned to them, the ways she withheld her love. Her death is a kind of freedom.

Shadowheart: An UNSUB Novel by Meg Gardiner - Psychological Thriller

In a Tennessee prison, Efrem Judah Goode draws haunting portraits of women he claims he has killed. Around the country, desperate families of the missing seek answers in his eerie drawings. And on darkened back roads and New York City streets, a new killer poses duct-taped bodies at the sites of Goode’s murders. Two serial killers are locked in a twisted rivalry. To stop the brutal slayings, FBI profiler Caitlin Hendrix must unravel the connection between Goode and the Broken Heart Killer. Their warped competition destroys anyone in their path. Caught between a manipulative psychopath and a ruthless UNSUB, Caitlin has to dive into not one but two dark and twisted minds. She will risk everything, plunging into the depths of their depraved clash, to hunt down an unstoppable killer.

Emlyn doesn't let herself think about the past. How she and her best friend, Janessa, barely speak anymore. How Tyler, the love of her life, left her half dead on the side of the road three years ago. She now lives alone in her Airstream trailer and works as a fishing and hunting guide in scenic Idaho. Her closest friends are the community's makeshift reverend and a handsome Forest Service ranger. But when Tyler shows up with the news that Janessa is missing, Emlyn is propelled back into the world she worked so hard to forget. As Emlyn and Tyler trace Janessa's path through miles of wild country, Emlyn can't deny the chemistry still crackling between them. But the deeper they press into the wilderness, the more she begins to suspect that a darker truth lies in the woods --- and that Janessa isn't the only one in danger.

A View from the Stars: Stories and Essays by Cixin Liu - Science Fiction/Short Stories & Essays

A VIEW FROM THE STARS features a range of short works from the past three decades of New York Times bestselling author Cixin Liu's prolific career, putting his nonfiction essays and short stories side-by-side for the first time. This collection includes essays and interviews that shed light on Liu's experiences as a reader, writer and lover of science fiction throughout his life, as well as short fiction that gives glimpses into the evolution of his imaginative voice over the years.