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Daughter of Mine Bets On...

Daughter of Mine

April 2024

Megan Miranda has ratcheted up her thriller game with DAUGHTER OF MINE. First, let’s pull in a climate/environmental issue with a lake receding as there are days without rain and a clear forecast. Feeling parched as you read? I get it. So what happens when the water recedes? Well, things that were hidden suddenly come to light. Sitting on the edge of your seat yet?

If not, try this. Hazel, the daughter of the local longtime detective of Mirror Lake, inherits her childhood home. Why is this so unexpected? I’m not going to give it away, but there’s twist number one when you get there. Hazel has left town for almost a decade at this point, and she is not ready to race back, even if there is a house waiting for her. She has her own business with two friends, and she’s happy with her new life.

The water level in the lake is dropping by the day. The sun is hot. And the suspense is winding the story tighter and tighter. There are subtle reveals, as well as jaw-dropping ones.

Yes, rain comes, but so does a lot more. There is one main daughter to think about, but there are references to others as well.

I’m not sharing anything else, and trust that it’s hard not to ask “Did you love THAT moment?” and tell you what that moment was. Megan and I had a great conversation about DAUGHTER OF MINE earlier this month. Click here for the video or here for the podcast…and know that we do not give away anything there either!

Daughter of Mine
by Megan Miranda