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Mark Rubinstein


Mark Rubinstein

Mark Rubinstein is an award-winning novelist, physician and psychiatrist who has written nonfiction and suspense/thriller fiction. His books have won the IPPY Gold Award and two Benjamin Franklin Silver Awards. His Mad Dog Trilogy is under consideration for film or TV series adaptation. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and as many dogs as she’ll allow in the house. A LETHAL QUESTION is his latest novel.

Mark Rubinstein

Books by Mark Rubinstein

by Mark Rubinstein - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Manhattan psychiatrist Bill Madrian takes pride in the level of trust he establishes with his patients. For a patient to open up, they must truly believe that everything said in a therapy session remains confidential. But Bill has never realized the complications this confidentiality could present --- until he treats Alex Bronzi. One day, in a session with Alex, the young man asks, “Hey Doc, ya wanna know who clipped Boris Levenko?” Boris Levenko was a major crime boss who had been executed a few days prior. The question gives Bill information he desperately did not want to hear. With this knowledge, Bill’s life is upended, and he begins a fight for survival that takes him and his loved ones on a nightmarish journey far beyond the realm of anything he ever could have imagined.

by Mark Rubinstein - Fiction, Mystery, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

When Rick Shepherd, a physician, approaches his office on a busy Manhattan street, he finds police cars, an ambulance and crime scene technicians. He soon learns that a passerby was shot three times in the back, murdered at the front door to Rick’s office. Later that evening, while watching the local news, Rick and his fiancee, Jackie, see a photo of the victim --- to their horror, the deceased looks identical to Rick. Two nights later, Rick’s father is shot and killed in the exact same way. Detectives Art Nager and Liz Callaghan launch an investigation. There are no clues leading to the perpetrator. Even more ominously, someone has been calling Rick and Jackie’s apartment and hanging up. Whoever is targeting Rick must have murdered his father, and they now have Rick in their crosshairs.

edited by Mark Rubinstein - Essays, Nonfiction

Have you ever read a suspense novel so good you had to stop and think to yourself, ''How did the author come up with this idea? Their characters? Is some of this story real?'' For over five years, Mark Rubinstein had the chance to ask the most well-known authors in the field just these kinds of questions in interviews for the Huffington Post. Collected here are interviews with 47 accomplished authors, including Michael Connelly, Ken Follett, Meg Gardiner, Dennis Lehane, Laura Lippman and Don Winslow. These are their personal stories in their own words, much of the material never before published. How do these writers' life experiences color their art? Find out their thoughts, inspirations and candid opinions. Learn more about your favorite authors, how they work and who they truly are.