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Archives - Weekly Update

Mercury has been retrograde since January 11th. Wonder what this means? It refers to a planet that, when viewed from earth, appears to have stopped and temporarily reversed itself. In astrology, when we are talking about Mercury, the planet of communication being retrograde, this planetary phenomenon leads to unexpected delays, frustrations and more than the usual surprises in life. Let's just say this week I was positive that I was the little epicenter for Mercury Retrograde. Tuesday I was on my way from Denver to Colorado Springs to see some publishing contacts when I noticed on my BlackBerry that I could check in for my Wednesday 7:15AM flight. Well, that would have been nice, except I was not booked on that flight. I was booked on the Tuesday night 5:20PM flight. The one that was cancelled. I had just left a great hotel where, as I walked out the door, they said, "Come back soon." I immediately called and said I was taking them up on their offer and would be back that night.

I am heading to Denver tomorrow for the American Library Association Conference. I have spent a lot of time in Colorado over the years, and it still is one of favorite states to visit. There are lots and lots of memories from there, including some time in the mountains under some incredibly beautiful blue skies that almost looked purple --- and some views from mountains that no camera can ever really capture the grandeur of. This will be the first time I have gone to Colorado in winter without my skiis. I originally had hoped to get some time on the slopes for at least a couple of runs, but this trip is falling between my younger son’s birthday today and my older son’s birthday on Wednesday. Cakes are made and in the freezer ready to be frosted. Presents are piled for wrapping.

The undertone to the week has been howling wind. I have figured out just how many windows in the house have drafts. I made the mistake of getting my car washed on Wednesday, thus ensuring that it snowed on Thursday. I also learned where to add windshield wiper fluid in the car and am very very grateful to the guys in the parking garage who saved me from adding it to the brake fluid, which is where I was headed with that gallon container. It was humorous the way they snatched it away from me and delegated me to holding the cap while they poured.

Each holiday I do a huge holiday shopping trip at the grocery store. Each year I buy a carton of eggnog. Three of the last four years I have forgotten to open it. The last day of vacation when I was rummaging through the fridge at the beach house rental hoping to pull a meal together without again going to the store, I saw the carton there on a bottom shelf. It was Southern Comfort eggnog, by the way, which somehow in the store sounded a lot better than the other brands, though I am sure there was no liquor inside. I poured myself a glass and made notes for this newsletter, which is a holiday wrap-up. I just might make this a tradition. Of course I am trying not to think about the calories in eggnog. By the time the carton was done, I was into Friday's calories on Monday!