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Archives - Weekly Update

I hope you are enjoying the holidays. I ducked out of the office this week, which traditionally is one of the quietest ones of the year as most of the publishers close their offices for the week. Before we headed our separate ways, the staff and I enjoyed a holiday lunch to celebrate the year. You can see a photo of us above --- our annual selfie.

Tomorrow I am dressing up as an elf. You can see the pants from my costume above. Note that I am not a huge fan of costumes (I joked when I went to Comic-Con that I always would be the one not in costume), but somehow I am very into this Mrs. Claus event that I am "elfing" at tomorrow where 58 children in need will be guests. In the HUGE sack of gifts (you can see some of the bags above) that each child is receiving (including clothes, shoes, toiletries, toys and games), there will be books. My elfin duties include reading 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, working on a craft and serving refreshments.

Last Friday night, I got home late after a fabulous event for librarians at Random House, which they invited me to. After hearing the authors speak, I was excited to finish WHITE HOUSES by Amy Bloom and to read ONLY CHILD by Rhiannon Navin. They were just two of the books that our Editorial Director, Tom Donadio, and I heard about during a full day of programming that was informative, and had us making lots of notes about future book coverage.

Thanksgiving weekend was such fun, with family, friends, food and football (a couple of great college games). The turkey came out perfectly, and we made an extra turkey breast so there were great turkey sandwiches all week. Greg’s friends raise turkeys every year, and we get paperwork with our fresh-killed bird, which includes everything it ate and how it grazed. As these turkeys are not fed hormones, they have a lot less breast meat, hence cooking the extra breast for additional white meat.