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Archives - Weekly Update

Thank you from all of us at Bookreporter. Every time you read a newsletter, click on a link, share something that we have written, vote in a poll, enter a contest, or drop us a line, you make what we do all the more special. We are so grateful that you are one of our readers and allow us to do what we do each day. It means a lot to us.

We are bringing you a shorter than usual lineup this week, but I think you still will leave this email with lots to explore.

Wednesday night was one of the biggest nights in publishing, as the National Book Awards were presented. It’s always a wonderful evening of bookish celebration, which was emceed by LeVar Burton, who you may remember as the host of "Reading Rainbow." He was amusing, irreverent and passionate, which makes for a great host.

Last night, I moderated a really fun Book Club Girl "Night Out" event with Susan Wiggs, whose latest novel is THE OYSTERVILLE SEWING CIRCLE, and Alena Dillon, whose debut novel, MERCY HOUSE, will be in stores on February 11th. Both books deal with the subject of domestic violence in very thought-provoking ways. Susan and Alena were brilliant fun to chat with, and I enjoyed seeing so many of our readers there. I loved the opportunity to catch up with so many people. If you would like to see the conversation, you can watch it on the Book Club Girl Facebook page here. You can view this even if you are not on Facebook.

So who else enjoyed their extra hour last weekend? And who else was up at 5:30 on Monday morning? I had a lot of trouble shifting my body clock back. I am a real night owl, but this week my awake time was definitely shifted. Jet lag in my own home!

Last Saturday’s Somerset County Book Lovers Tea in Hillsborough, NJ was a huge success. There were about 120 people there…and it was such fun to interview Fiona Davis about her latest novel, THE CHELSEA GIRLS. We have done a number of events together at this point, and though none of the interviews have been the same, they each have been so enjoyable. It was so nice to see some of our readers there as well.

Ah, when one has an extra hour to spend, what will you do? I can think of 24 ways how to spend mine...wait, I’ll make that 25. Seriously, I am looking forward to not waking up in the dark at 6:00am next week, though “hello darkness” at 5:00pm is not going to be welcome. It is the time of year when I am ready to move hemispheres.