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Archives - Weekly Update

It’s been a busy week with the "less fun" things, like tons of paperwork, accounting and “oh dear, half the year is gone” organizing that filled my days. And we nailed some plans for the next few months. Our 25th anniversary is in August, and we are thinking of ways to celebrate this super big milestone. If you have ideas for us, let us know.

But the week also was time for a really fun event, and the launch of one of my favorite features!

Rhubarb continues to star at our house. Tonight I am putting together Rhubarb Cream Cheese Hand Pies. There will be more rhubarb this weekend once I hit the farmer’s market for Father's Day Strawberry/Rhubarb Pie. Then we are picking up peaches on Sunday from the Georgia Peach Truck that is touring up the east coast, so I can see us segueing to baking with those next! I signed us up for a bushel of peaches in both June and July, so this will be fun.

It was another week of author events and publisher previews for fall titles. I have notes both typed and handwritten strewn all over my desk. I have links to more pre-pub interviews to reference. This is a great year for readers; there is so much coming up that looks interesting beyond what already has come out. I was making notes for future “Bookaccino Live” programs. When we did this week’s session, attendees asked us to continue this monthly program, which originally was done because bookstores and libraries were closed for browsing, and we wanted our readers to be aware of what was being published. We are so happy that more than 240 people were with us on Wednesday.

It was so nice to have a long weekend. I cannot say that we did much. I read (two books), knitted, cooked (there was time to make the very complicated enchiladas that we love), and watched some (okay, more than some) television. And it rained (a lot), and it was cold. I kicked it back a huge notch, and that felt really nice.

On Monday, I planted more plants and herbs, and made more of a mental plan for what to do for the rest of the landscaping. For humor, Tom bought cilantro instead of Italian parsley, and then I bought lemon balm instead of mint. For the latter, how did I miss the huge sign that said Lemon Balm? The decks are being repainted, so everything is on the patio and disorganized. It will make me crazy until it’s all done. The weather is not cooperating.

I also gave up on trying to find the zinnia seeds that I bought and clearly lost last year, so I ordered more; I am now sure that I will find them next week. Next time I want to not lose something, I am going to write where I store it in the newsletter!