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“Beware the Ides of March!” – Shakespeare

You know how many books start with a quote? I thought I would tap that and start this newsletter with a quote.

We are not even three months into the new year, and already I have enjoyed so many books that have been published. Today I am going to share three more that are upcoming.

For years, people have been telling me to go to the Tucson Festival of Books --- and I am so very glad I did. What a fabulous weekend of books, authors and mingling with book lovers. While the Festival is big, I quickly got myself acclimated to where the panels were taking place. People were so friendly and helpful, clearly very proud to be hosting this event. There were lively conversations among the attendees, as well as great banter among the authors.

I moderated three panels, and above you can see me with the authors who I had the delight of speaking with. As always, I kept the conversation fast-paced and loved my role as “talk show host.” There was not a dull moment, and we could have kept talking well past the allotted time.

It is so nice to be in Tucson; I think the last time I was here I was 14 years old. I am happy to share that after a few weeks of typing "Tucson," I have perfected not typing it first as "Tuscon"! I walked out of the airport terminal, and it was 71 degrees. I was the person wearing the down vest and two scarves; call it a force of habit.

I had a lovely dinner last night with Therese Anne Fowler, the author of A WELL-BEHAVED WOMAN and Z. One of the nicest parts about traveling is being able to meet up with far-flung folks who you may not otherwise see, and Therese and I did a three-plus-hour catchup at Café Poca Cosa. Longtime readers know that I love to cook and rarely dine out, so when I travel I always am looking for amazing meals --- and we found one here, along with a brilliant spicy margarita.