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Archives - Weekly Update

Once I finish this newsletter opener, my last official editorial task of the year will be done. Whew! There’s still a lot to do on the business side, but this is the 49th time that I have greeted you in 2022, and the last for the year, which has been a terrific one. We hosted 11 “Bookaccino Live” preview events and seven “Bookaccino Live” Book Group programs, in addition to our reviewer event last week, and conducted 33 author interviews. I’m already making a list of people to interview next year, and I have a pile of books lined up for holiday reading.

I turned 27 again on Wednesday. I have been so busy that I was much less of a birthday princess than usual. This time of year, I always vow that I will not be snowed under with work, but somehow I always end up in the same position. Next week, I want to shoot a video about my Bets On selections with quick thoughts on why I chose each of them. The prize books for our Year-End Contest (more on that below) are coming to the house here. I am opening boxes and checking off my list like I am Book Santa. There is a spreadsheet that I am staying on top of. And today I received signed bookplates from Nita Prose for the copies of THE MAID.

We had such a good time Thanksgiving weekend! Dinner on Thursday became a multi-course affair as we forgot to cook the yams. We had set up a card table in the garage where it was cold, and all the prepped dishes were out there. My big mistake was sending Greg and Cory there to grab various items (they clearly overlooked something still there), and I misplaced my menu among a stack of recipes (next time I am tacking that on the bulletin board). As we were getting everything onto serving dishes, Tom said, “The Yams! We forgot the yams!” So we told everyone to eat slowly and that yams would be 45 minutes. Yes, we all laughed. That was after I had forgotten to make the stuffing for the mushrooms, but we solved that drama when our guests were just late enough for me to toss that together and bake them.