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Archives - Weekly Update

Most days I order in a salad from a place called Chop't Creative Salad Company, which pairs salad ingredients and dressings in more imaginative ways than I might. On Wednesday, I decided to walk over to pick up my salad instead of ordering in. Our office is a block away from Universal Music Group, the record company that owns labels like A&M, Motown and Island Records. Walking past there on my way to the office from my parking garage around the corner, I say hello each day to a man who stands in front of the building. I confess I wondered what his job was; I assumed he was a driver for one of the execs and he stood at the ready to be called to get the car.

As I write this newsletter, I am watching CNN. Our thoughts are with our readers, reviewers, authors, booksellers and librarians who live in the Boston area. As soon as the news began to unfold on Monday, we were checking in with those who we know lived there. It's been such a very, very sad week. The story has been unfolding like a thriller, and it just does not seem real.

I got word last week that my favorite local yarn shop is closing. While business there is brisk, the owner has decided to pack it in as she has had some changes in her personal life. I read the email about this, and my heart sank. I liked the idea of having a place 10 minutes away where I could drop on by for advice, as much as for yarn and needles. I loathe finishing pieces and thus would bundle the pieces I knit together and hand them over to Keri there, who was great at taking my "homemade" items and making them look "handmade"; there is a difference. Between now and the final day the store is open, there will be lots of sales. But I will not be stopping by to pick up the bargains; rather, I’ll try to savor the spirit of the place.

The other night, I was scrolling through my personal Facebook newsfeed when I saw my publishing friend Twila sporting some really pretty turquoise nail polish (which you can see above). Since turquoise catches my eye --- always --- I was intrigued. First, a confession: I am a terrible nail-biter; this is something that started when I was three years old and Lassie headed off a cliff. Yes, I am blaming a dog on television for my nasty habit, but my mom swears that was when it all began. The way I see it, if only Timmy had been there when Lassie needed him, I would be mani/pedi-ing instead of just pedi-ing. A few weeks ago, I was in the nail salon picking out pedicure polish when I mentioned that I did not understand aqua fingers, but these turquoise ones on Twila were something completely different and eye-catching.