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Archives - Weekly Update

The day after Thanksgiving scares me. I feel like I will leave my driveway and become swept up in Black Friday shopping madness. I feel like all roads lead to the malls. The Y where I swim is near a large mall, so as I try to swim off my Thanksgiving calories, I need to deal with mall traffic. Yet another reason I think we should convert our basement into a swimming pool! Seriously, I have dreams of this like I used to dream of our owning a white Country Squire station wagon with wood on the side when I was a child. I know, who else thinks of things like THAT?

I am writing this week from poolside at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami where the ever-so-helpful staff here has ensured I have electrical power next to my lounge chair so I can write on my laptop, as well as an endless supply of iced tea and lemon-flavored water. For the record, it's cloudy with small peeks from the sun, the kind of day where I would not be sitting poolside at home, but hey, I am in Florida and when I am in Florida I do not want to be inside. As the pool boy said, "It's all part of the fantasy."

Monday night I attended Nelson DeMille's book party for WILD FIRE, which was ---- as any event that Nelson is involved with --- a lot of fun. People in attendance who had read the book were quoting Corey-isms as they walked around chatting. Let's just say that I feel I learn a lot about how men think about women by reading Nelson's books. He also pens one of the wittiest newsletters that I read. You can read and sign up for it here. We have a review of WILD FIRE this week as well, but don't worry --- Kate Ayers, our reviewer, does not divulge the good jokes. Or give away too much of the plot.

In November 1968 the Beatles released the White Album (your trivia for the week) and this week we have "The Blue Issue" at First I am giving an award for Most Fashionable Cover. Okay, 17 years at a fashion magazine is coming through here, but truly, take a look at the cover of Adriana Trigiani's new book, HOME TO BIG STONE GAP, below and let me know if you do not agree that it looks like a magazine fashion shoot. Yes, turquoise IS my favorite color so I had to love the jacket, but that skirt is just over-the-top amazing and just looking at it makes me want to know the story behind that girl.