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Archives - Weekly Update

I wrote this newsletter as the NBA Finals game was playing in the background. Note that this was the first basketball game that I watched all year, if watching means that I occasionally looked at the score. Why not wait until the last one, right? Whenever I can, I write the newsletter on Thursday nights after I go to a fabulous yoga class at Onyx Yoga. The class ends with a relaxing savasana, which I find totally relaxes and also energizes me, which is a great combo. It gives me some distance from the week before I write.

I feel like I still am playing catch-up from being out of the office at Book Expo last week. If I owe you an email reply or a thank you note, it will be coming in the next week. I promise!

Last Saturday, I plunked myself into a chair by the patio and read THE LAST BOOK PARTY by Karen Dukess, which will be on sale July 9th; it is one of our Summer Reading titles and will be a Bets On selection. It was the perfect book to enjoy after the busyness of the convention. It’s set on Cape Cod in 1987. Eve Rosen is 25 years old and an aspiring writer. She’s working as an assistant to Henry Grey, who is a New Yorker writer, along with his wife, a poet named Tillie. They both host a famed end-of-the-summer party where all guests dress as literary characters. But the party uncovers a number of secrets that had been hidden to Eve until then. A brisk summer read, it’s both a coming-of-age story and a fun, fictitious look into the world of publishing.