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Archives - Weekly Update

While I truly love where we live, there is a part of me that would like to live in Colorado, Wyoming or Montana, or somewhere else where there are mountains and lots of sky. So I enjoyed seeing Lee Child and his brother, Andrew Child, being interviewed on “CBS Saturday Morning” last weekend. They were in Wyoming where they have ranches near each other; Lee’s is on 35 acres, and Andrew’s is a mile away. They also have bought a town out there. I believe the segment was shot at Andrew’s house, as his wife posted a photo of the shoot on social media a few weeks ago. As I was watching, there was a pillow with a buffalo on it over the interviewer’s shoulder. We have the same one --- one of my many little odes to the west here at the house. Yes, this humored me, so I had to share it!

This is the time of year when publicists begin to earnestly deliver pitches to Tom Donadio and myself for 2023 books. By the end of September, the pitching for 2022 has come to an end as most big books come out by mid-October. This is when with gusto we start getting pitches --- and we are attending virtual preview events daily.

I had such a fun time last weekend at the Morristown Festival of Books. On Saturday, my longtime friend, Beverley Wilson, took the train out from the city to Morristown (which she pronounced as easy to do). Lisa Hickman, our Contest Coordinator, had come to town on Friday night to catch the terrific opening event with my husband Tom and me --- Frank Bruni, who was interviewed by Katy Tur --- and she stayed with us that night.

About 35 years ago, I bought some t-shirts from Patagonia. The colors, as well as the size and fit, were terrific! I probably got a dozen of them. A few years after I started wearing them, it was discovered that the cotton they were made from was not sustainable. So they stopped making them with that fiber, and in those shapes and colors.

The funny thing is, while that cotton has not been used anymore, those shirts have washed well, even with really tough stains, and they still are in rotation in my wardrobe.