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Archives - Weekly Update celebrates 21 years on Sunday! This is always a fun time to look back, and there are so many memories that bubble up this time of year. First, to all of our readers, thank you! Without you, we would not have the opportunity to do what we do, sharing books and authors with you each week. We never take you for granted; our weekly staff meetings are peppered with comments about what you might be interested in --- and how/when to share it. Many of you have become email friends, which I love, and others of you I have had the pleasure of meeting in person. I love that my perspective on books --- and on life --- is wider than the New York metro area. I have learned so much from you --- and I thank you for all that you have brought to the site. 

I see my smartphone as a huge distraction. There is always mail to check, news updates, Facebook and Instagram feeds to follow, and topics to look up that randomly pops into your head. Last weekend on Saturday, I left my phone upstairs and even ran errands without it. I did the same thing on Sunday. It was marvelously freeing, and I emerged from the weekend much more relaxed. On Saturday, I got a ton done around the house, including prep for dinner company. On Sunday, I read for hours. Reducing my Pavlovian urge to click was easier than I thought. Of course, I missed texts from the boys, but it was nothing urgent, and they could have called the house. I am going to do this more often. Urging you to try it as well!

From our new office a few mornings this week, I heard someone playing the saxophone. I am not sure if it is someone in the building, or someone on the street. I was enjoying the music; next time I hear it, I will investigate!

I have been working on catching up on my reading; amusingly, a while back I read four books that are publishing in January 2018 while I am way behind on those coming out now and in the next few weeks. Thus I juggled three books last weekend.

My plan was that I would be in the pool every day in the month of August as I did not swim as much in July as I had hoped. Well, I hit the pool on August 1st and missed the 2nd and 3rd, so there goes that plan. I am so going to regret this in October when it comes time to close the pool. There have been very few reading and floating days, and I want a lot more of those on my calendar. Earlier in the week it was downright chilly. Wish me better luck with the rest of the month!