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Archives - Weekly Update

I am making a list and checking it twice. Well, that would depend on which list I am looking at; these are the days when our lists have lists. I still have the turquoise tree to decorate, presents to buy and presents to wrap, menus to plan and cookies to bake. The way the holiday is breaking this year is a bit deceiving. While many are exiting work for the holiday today, “the big event” is not for another week. Whew, now I feel better! We will be wrapping up as much as we can on Monday, doing our annual staff lunch on Tuesday, and then we start exiting to the four winds for a much-needed break.

I feel like December is flying by, and I am not keeping up! As I sit in our family room writing this newsletter, I see holiday decorations that I unpacked from their bins, but have yet to be placed around the house. Amaryllis plants that I am giving as gifts are lined up in the kitchen, waiting to be boxed up. I have some presents ordered, but confess that I have the “to me/from me” category more covered than any other. I did find the plastic container with the candles that go in the windows --- the one that I put in a place that I would not forget and then promptly forgot where that was. I cannot wait to put these in the windows and turn on the timers. And yes, that last line was riddled with sarcasm. I never get the timers right, so this is a job that I delegate to the menfolk here.

We had a really wonderful --- and busy --- Thanksgiving weekend. Dinner on Thursday was festively fun, and I wisely packed up lots of leftovers for everyone, so we were not eating them for days!

Greg's friend, Angela, was visiting from the UK, and she was a total delight. Kelley, our niece, spent the weekend, too. She is a great golfer, and she and Tom played on two days.

Then Kelley and I went poinsettia shopping at a nearby nursery where they grow 25,000 poinsettia plants. The colors were just stunning --- yellow, bronze, multi-color, light pink, deep pink. I am not a fan of the traditional red plants, but these I love. She also helped me decorate for the holiday, and we got a lot done!