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Archives - Weekly Update

Well, it looks like March is riding out with a lamb kind of energy. I almost can feel spring in the air. Last weekend, I was ready for a pop of color around the house. So I picked up two stunning blue hydrangea plants for the house and one for the office, as well as a gardenia plant. Just looking at them is making me smile.

I like snow. A lot. I even like a lot of snow. But when the snow this week thwarted my plans to go to Philadelphia for the Public Library Association Conference on Wednesday, I found myself reconsidering my snow fan position. Instead of going to great events all day, I was writing and fielding calls. Our staff all worked from home, and I found myself really missing the snow days when the boys were young and I would race between my office, the kitchen making brownies and hot chocolate (snow days had a chocolate theme), and tossing clothes in the dryer. Yes, Wednesday was a super productive day with zero interruptions, but I missed those.

Our “powerless weekend” at the house continued until Sunday afternoon around 4:30. The power had gone out around 5:30 the Wednesday before, which made the clock change for daylight saving time pretty easy. We were lucky to be able to continue to stay with our friend, Cathy, for the weekend. On Sunday morning, I sat in her hot tub and finished reading TANGERINE by Christine Mangan, transported to Tangiers via a psychological thriller. The sun was shining, and for an hour or so it was pretty blissful. Cathy is like family to us, and we are very lucky she lives just two miles away.

Through the years, I have written our newsletter from many different places --- airports, airplanes, hotel rooms, conference centers, waiting rooms, and most often from my couch at home. I am writing Thursday night from my friend Cathy’s house, where we are spending our second night at what we call the “Desilu Hotel,” a play on her last name.

Years ago, I wrote in a March newsletter that I was hoping it would be a “lamb/lamb” month. The boys got a kick out of it. Well, this year we have a lion of a start to the month. You have to love a nor’easter, right? Seriously, I find weather drama to be such a drag.

I was in the city today for a publisher preview; these are such fun as Tom, our Editorial Director (as opposed to Tom, my husband...and yes, it does get confusing), and I get to sit and plan editorial coverage as we hear about upcoming books. Then I raced downtown to tape the intros for an award program that is going to air later this month. Luckily there were hair/makeup people on board there to tame the rainy hair look. Too bad I had to go back into the weather to come home; I need my hair to go into “shellac mode” in weather like this.