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Archives - Weekly Update

I travel so much that when I get to explore some place new, it’s quite exciting. I am feeling that way about attending the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference in New Orleans this weekend. Lucky for me, my son Greg is working this trip with me and has stomped these grounds before, thus I know I have an intrepid travel companion.

It’s been one really hectic --- but fun --- week. We have a staff that loves to experiment with different cuisines, and they always are exploring new spots for lunch. Yesterday a few of us hit a mobile lunch truck in the city called Gorilla Cheese for gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. This particular truck is only in our neighborhood on Thursdays, so when my business lunch cancelled, I secretly cheered and was game to walk a few blocks from the office to try this out. Had a terrific cheddar and ham sandwich, and it was nice to kick back for a few and enjoy the nice weather.

Yesterday, when the temperatures were close to 100, I was trying to channel snow and the cold of winter. No luck. Instead, I turned to the freezer section. We shop at a food store that has a terrific selection of premium ice cream and sorbets. I found two Pure Gourmet flavors, Mojito and Pear Ginger, that are fabulous. Check 'em out here. It's tough to find sorbets that capture the flavor of lime well, but the Mojito one has just the right blend of lime and mint. And the pear ginger flavors blend well, too. They really are the perfect treat on a hot day!

Last night I went to see Gregg Allman at a small theater in New Jersey with my husband and sons. The plan was that we would have dinner at 7 as the concert started at 8. I promised to leave the office at 6 to make this happen, which of course meant I left around 6:15 as one thing or another came up as I was trying to leave. My older son, who works with us, got in the car and plugged in his GPS since we were clueless as to where we were going. Greg is a self-proclaimed "Anglophile" and thus has his GPS programmed to British-speak. The directions kept telling me to take the Slip Road no matter what town I was in, including New York City. This was accompanied by an urgent turn right or left. I finally asked him, “WHAT is up with Slip Road?” He looked at me like I was clueless, which I was, and said that means exit ramp. Gee, HOW could I have not figured that out on my own!