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Archives - Weekly Update

Last Monday night we started a major renovation at the office as we are taking over the space next to ours. This entailed our staff packing everything we own into two rooms and moving home to work for the duration of this project. You can imagine how much fun this was. At the moment I am working out of one of those rooms with my son Greg, who is with us this summer.

Harry Harry Harry. I am wondering if there is anyone who does not know that the latest Harry Potter book comes out tonight at midnight! The boys and I are off to celebrate this very special release at a party at Borders' Columbus Circle location just a few blocks from our office that starts tonight at 9. Yes, we are very caught up in Harry Potter fever! I blog about Harry and my thoughts about him here. The boys each have their Light Wedges ready to go so they can read on the way home; in fact, Cory has a special Harry Potter edition. Happy reading.

My trip to North Carolina and Atlanta had a properly bookish feel. Last Friday we got to visit Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe in Asheville where we quickly learned why people love to visit this store --- great staff, terrific book recommendations and a wide selection that ensured that we each found a book to buy. Wednesday we went to Coffee Buy the Book in Roswell where I caught up with Dana, one of the owners who told me that she has been conducting radio interviews with authors for a local Altanta radio station.

Hope you had a Firecracker 4th! We spent the 4th in the mountains of North Carolina with my sister and her children. We had a great picnic at the house, saw great fireworks and built a really nice bonfire where we tossed a lot of sparklers to cap off the evening. My niece is an avid reader, and thus I brought her a few "books that girls love." I love giving her books that I know will not get raves from my sons. My nephew is not a reader, but I can see my younger son burying his nose in a book to try to convert him!