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Archives - Weekly Update

It is shocking, but I finally have come to accept that there only are so many hours in a day/week/year, and how you divide them up does not mean you have more of them. Thus, while the holiday cards are mailed (truly a feat), the presents are not wrapped, and I truly fear looking at my list twice since I think there is someone I am forgetting. I have been so busy that I am running my life in 24-hour increments focusing on what I need to do in 24 hours and not projecting much beyond that. It seems to be working since I am not experiencing holiday meltdown.

As I write this, I am in the airport waiting for a flight to Florida where I am meeting up with my friend Starr for a weekend of catching up at the beach. Okay, I confess that this is a trip purely to hit Gold Status on Continental, a quasi "mileage run." I was 1,200 miles short of the required 50,000 miles to "go gold" and decided to do a short trip for pure fun to hit the goal.

The tree is up, the house is decorated, the cards have been designed --- and shockingly even ordered --- and I am moving on to holiday shopping. According to the results of our most recent poll, 78% of you are planning to give books this holiday season, and to the 7% of you overachievers who already have your shopping done, I so envy you. Both of my boys want books, which makes me smile.