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Archives - Weekly Update

Whew, what a year it has been! Besides decorating the house inside for the holidays, we moved the patio furniture and a gas heater closer to the house so we can entertain outside. We also are moving the firepit, which we have used maybe four times since we bought it about five years ago, closer to the house so we can have it there for ambiance (and, let’s get real, heat). I just bought a spark screen since the firepit will be closer to the house. Before a week ago, I did not even know what a spark screen was! (Like before March, I did not know what Zoom was.)

There are times when I feel like I live in a sitcom, and this week was one of them! I celebrated my birthday on Monday, and Tom made my favorite stuffed tenderloin and fingerling potatoes. As he was making it, we had a discussion on what to have with it. I voted for his amazing Brussels sprouts, but I also wanted a spinach salad. So the plan was that we would have both, with me making a small salad. So we sit down to dinner and I ask, "Where are the Brussels sprouts? You guessed it. He forgot to make them, so we had a small salad, which left more room for cake. All good. The boys also realized that Mom spelled upside down is Wow. So I was presented with my cards upside down. Furthering my sitcom theory! Oh, and there was a perfect book gift: THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF TURQUOISE.

There are years when I stand in the attic with each and every holiday ornament and think Will I want to put this away in January? and I show restraint in decorating. This year, when I am sure that we will entertain much less than usual, I went pretty much "all in" decorating last Saturday and Sunday. I think I just want to feel some level of normalcy --- and somehow stuffed reindeer and red chili pepper lights feel normal! We have two trees up, still to be decorated. I'm pacing these final things.