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Archives - Weekly Update

Yee haw...I am writing this note from Texas where I am at the Romance Writers of America Convention. Last time I was in Texas I went to Houston where in between doing fashion shows, I went to the rodeo. I kid you not, and I have the cattlehorns in my son's bedroom to prove it. I was reading the guide from the hotel here last night and learned that in the evenings cowboy hats, boots and spurs are optional. I liked the sound of that! Fashion question: Does one buy a cowboy hat to match an outfit, or is this not necessary?

I like riding my bike --- on flat ground. Give me hills and I flip after the time I went head over handlebars a couple of summers ago on the Outer Banks and ended up in a heap. That said, I love reading about and watching the Tour de France. This weekend we will see if Lance can make it #6. While we are a little late to come to this book, we wanted to tell you to check out THE TOUR DE FRANCE COMPANION, which is a terrific guide to this backbreaking, bone crunching battle of blood, sweat and gears. Click on the cover above for more details.
On summer evenings I love reading outside. Last Friday night I curled up on a chaise lounge on the deck. The evening was cool so I wrapped myself in a blanket; for light, I dragged a lamp from my son's room outside. I was reading SHADOW DIVERS, which is one of the most captivating books I have read in a while. It's the story of two divers who risked everything to solve a mystery about a Nazi sub found off the coast of New Jersey. While the subject matter is interesting, the writing style of the author and the way he tells the story is what makes it memorable.

A long weekend brings a shorter work week. Ours compressed a tad tighter this week since our intrepid producer, Gena Bland, leaves tomorrow for a much-deserved vacation. Gena is the one responsible for getting all the copy and art up each week on all of our editorial websites. My sincere thanks to her for everything she does to ensure the sites look great each week. Enjoy your vacation, Gena!

I love fireworks. There is something so special about watching the colors explode overhead. I also relish documentary shows about how fireworks displays are created. The choreography that goes into them amazes me. However, I loathe the crowds and traffic going to and from the fireworks displays in our area. My favorite Fourth of July celebrations were the years that friends hosted their own displays at their homes --- very very cool. Will not happen at our house as there are too many trees around!