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Archives - Weekly Update

Greg’s graduation last weekend was both a wonderful celebration of his achievement and a walk down memory lane for me. As he had attended Fordham College at Lincoln Center, it was only his second time on the Rose Hill campus where I had spent four years. Lots of construction has happened in the last 34 years --- including a new parking garage, a library, and lots of dorms. I think I totally bored the boys with my nostalgic stories; I feel like I spent the day with my mind whirling from present to the past and back again.

Greg’s graduation is tomorrow! And though he went to Fordham at Lincoln Center, the ceremony will be on the Bronx campus where I graduated, so this will be a real trip down memory lane for me. Last week, he informed me that as one of the alumni I can walk in the processional and sit in a special place on the dais as a Distinguished Alumna. I will be wearing a maroon sash to identify me. Even though I am into color coordinating, I am still wearing turquoise so the sash will clash!

Ahhhh Mother’s Day is upon us. Let the fete-ing of mothers begin. My husband and my dad are planning to cook dinner for me and my mom here at the house. Our housekeeper has been in California this last week, thus my husband told the boys that they need to “help around the house” this weekend. So far there has been one spark of excitement about this. Cory saw the folded pile of laundry this afternoon and said, “Yeah, you did laundry.” And then he chided me for putting his pajama bottoms on the wrong pile. Hey, I was going by the room I found them in. After thumbing through his t-shirts, which I guess was to be sure that they were in the right places, he moseyed into the kitchen to make popcorn. Getting the clothes from the laundry room to his bedroom required a lot more energy!

Yesterday, Greg went to his last college class; one exam and some papers, and it’s “no more pencils, no more books.” Well, schoolbooks that is. I was thinking, wow, that was a FAST four years! Then I did some math and some comparisons about his school life and my work life since September 2008. While he took something like 32 classes and read probably something like 70 books for school, I have written approximately 184 (scary to think about that) newsletters (and that does not count newsletters for the other six sites that I read or edit) and have read probably 600 books. Ahhhh the reading and writing that's still to come…for pure pleasure. How nice is THAT to look forward to?