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Archives - Weekly Update

Just when you think summer has arrived, in comes more cool weather. This week, I went from flip flops to sandals to shoes to cowboy boots with such rapid speed that I was judging the weather by looking at my feet. The fact that I put away the down comforter HAS to be the reason we needed heat this week instead of air conditioning. Welcome to spring in the New York metro area. I think the flowers are twisting on their stems trying to figure out what is going on.

Monday night is World Book Night. On Wednesday evening of this week, I headed out to the Clinton Book Shop to pick up the 20 copies of A RELIABLE WIFE that I am going to be giving away. Harvey and Rob hosted a lovely party, so folks were not just running in to grab their boxes of books and leaving; rather, they lingered and chatted. It was a nice evening of pointing out books we loved on the shelves in the store, talking about authors we are crazy about, and comparing notes on what we were all giving away.

When we left off last week, I was on the Outer Banks headed to the opening of Duck’s Cottage Downtown in Manteo, which is located where the Manteo Booksellers used to be. Jamie Layton, one of the co-owners, is known to many of you for contributing reviews and interviews through the years. Jamie --- who has been one of the managers of the original Duck’s Cottage, which is still going strong in Duck --- first got the idea to open this new store in early October and called to chat with me about her plans for it.

Greetings from the Outer Banks where we are vacationing this week. We have a lot going on at the office, so this trip had me working a lot more than I typically do when we are here. Luckily there is a great work space that I have taken over. The weather has been mercurial with a mix of temperatures in the 80s and the 50s. I managed to have to work most of the nice days, which of course was maddening, but I toted four cookbooks with me, and I have had a great time cooking dinners --- including Dr. Pepper Ribs --- and baking cakes. And we are here until Monday, so there is still some time to escape and just have some fun.