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Archives - Weekly Update

Two snowstorms in a week is too much for me. I was moving my head into an "It's Almost Spring" frame of mind and the flakes started falling. I also wish that instead of calling at 5:45 AM with a "school is canceled message" they would just send me e-mail. Oh well, there is lots of great book news this week to cheer me up.

I am reading Jodi Picoult's book VANISHING ACTS, which is coming out March 1st. I love love love Jodi's use of language. I keep making notes on the pages of lines that I like. It's the kind of book where I wish there were someone in the room that I could read all the poignant phrasing to. This story involves a woman who learns that her father kidnapped her as a child and gave her a new name --- and a new life. She learns this as he is arrested for kidnapping her. This is the topline plot. There is so much more there. The pages are turning whoosh whoosh whoosh and then they flip back the same way as I note what I really enjoyed reading.

This week we have something a bit different for you. While we get to know books and authors, we rarely hear from the editors who acquire these books for publishers --- the people who typically give them their "first read" and then nurture them along the way to publication. Recognizing that the editor often sees a manuscript that is very different from what we see on the shelves, we are sharing a new feature with you this week called "Edited By." Our first Editor who is sharing her story is Jordan Pavlin. The book she is talking about is CAST OF SHADOWS by Kevin Guilfoile, which is our latest Debut Suspense/Thriller title.

Happy Friday! I am just back from a rather whirlwind trip to Nashville where I spent most of this past week at the Christian Booksellers Association. I flew in just in time to put finishing touches on this week's newsletter and lineup. I will write more about my trip this weekend on the Blog, including what I read when I was on the road.