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Archives - Weekly Update

Yes, we are in your inboxes two days early this week.

We so appreciate all of our readers! Without you, we do not have the opportunity to share the books and video/audio programming that we do.

I am really lucky to work with the team that I do. Tom Donadio is the biggest right hand that I could have. I dream things up, and he helps me make them a reality. Every review is assigned and edited by him, as well as the writing in this newsletter. I never did learn the right use of the comma. I must have been absent that week! He also knows the tastes of our reviewers and tries to match books with them. We have been together for 20(!) years now.

Last Friday night, Tom and I went out to dinner and had a great mocktail. I am not a big drinker, but give me some concoction with ginger beer and it’s like when I was seven and I got a Shirley Temple. Then it was all about the fancy straw and the parasol. Now, I became obsessed with the copper cup that the drink was served in --- the hammered copper cup.

I feel like I am living in a mystery novel. One of our silver steak knives is missing. A few weeks ago, something triggered my looking where we have the silver carefully stored, and one knife was gone. I am not sure why it took me until two weeks ago to figure this out. And I am not sure exactly when it went missing. After years of just using “the good stuff” for holidays, I decided to enjoy it on many more occasions. So just when it slipped away, I am not sure! Could it be with the Easter lamb? What did I serve for Mother’s Day? Was it the Father’s Day steak? Was it for a Saturday or Sunday dinner?

This is one of my favorite weekends of the year. It’s like a holiday as we change our clocks and gain the hour that we gave up in March. It is especially fun this year as my husband, Tom, and I are in Charleston visiting our dear friend, Cathy, in her new home here. We also are attending some events at the Charleston Literary Festival. I am looking forward to introducing Tom and Cathy to my good friends, Betsy Prioleau and her husband, Philip. Betsy is speaking at the festival on Saturday, along with Tina Brown. And we are all going out on Saturday and Sunday nights. It is such fun when my worlds collide like this.