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Archives - Weekly Update

Last weekend's American Library Association Convention in DC was a great experience. Everywhere I turned in the convention center there were wonderfully informed librarians ready to chat up books. They not only knew books, they knew ALL about them. Sitting at various breakfasts and lunches I enjoyed their conversation about plots, themes, recent releases, old favorites and trends. Each title I mentioned was met with informed discussion with none of those awkward silences that usually occur when people meet for the first time.

When we left off last week I was headed to Texas. I had forgotten my own advice about not flying at night during the summer because of the travel delays that are precipitated by thunderstorms and found myself stuck for hours going both ways. There is only one way to beat this --- a good book to escape with. I had this week's Beach Bag title with me --- THE MANNY --- and I found myself happily ignoring those ominous announcements that go something like "In 39 minutes we will move into position and will be number 22 for takeoff!" Instead I read --- and laughed --- a lot.

I am writing this newsletter before I fly to Dallas for a very quick trip to give a speech at a Mystery Writers of America's Southwest Chapter event. I am looking forward to the flight as I have a few books and manuscripts that I am anxious to read, as well as a lineup queued on my iPod and this deep purple wrap I want to get some knitting done on. I have been running so much recently that I am looking forward to a few hours of uninterrupted time on the plane. When I get really busy I fantasize about flying to Australia and back, just for a chunk of time to call my own with no emails that I feel an urgent need to respond to, ringing phones, meetings or questions. Never mind the frequent flyer miles...I would treasure the time alone!

Last weekend's Book Expo America (BEA) trade show was a booklover's dream as I wandered the aisles perusing titles, listened to authors and editors, and made endless notes on books we want to share with you in the upcoming months. Our staffers and I split up so we could cover more ground, and we convened this week to compare notes and start planning what we think will be a very exciting fall.

Today kicks off the Book Expo America (BEA) trade show in New York, which is a whirlwind event where publishers present their fall titles and we all are on what seems like an endless merry-go-round of meeting authors, hearing about new books and celebrating at parties and other soirees. The schedule reminds me of finals week at college. By Sunday there will not be enough caffeine around to keep even "Energizer Bunny" me going, but we will have a pretty good picture of what's going to be published for fall.