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Archives - Weekly Update

If you remember back to the start of March, I told you that when my sons were little, they were amused by the lion/lamb monikers that were attached to the start and end of March. Here it’s been lamb/lamb, but I hear a storm is blowing in tomorrow, and that is no April Fools' joke.

Last week, I was doing a quick errand and decided not to carry my pocketbook. Instead I tossed my driver’s license in a small leather wallet that I have and headed out the door. I came back, and the last time we saw the wallet was on the counter in the kitchen. I am 99% sure that I picked it off from there to bring it upstairs, but I have yet to find it. I literally took all of the books off my “to be read” bookshelves wondering if I carried it upstairs when I was moving books and it got caught between some. Tom even combed through the garbage, earning him yet another “Husband of the Year” award. I am sure that it’s some place crazy, like on a shelf in the freezer. I ordered a duplicate license. As soon as it comes in the mail, I am sure I will find the wallet. That is the way life works!

The countdown to spring is on! Drum roll for Monday at 5:24pm ET. It seems so fitting that this week the last amaryllis bulb popped! But for humor, the Christmas cactus that already had bloomed at Christmas popped five more blooms this week. Clearly the flowers in our house are on their own cycles. The catalogs for outdoor bulbs and flowers are coming in fast and furiously. I am practicing self-restraint!

And so begins my least favorite weekend of the year, when daylight saving time begins. I will spend next week jet-lagged like I took a red-eye back from California. Incidentally, I am beyond my red-eye days. Give me the 7:30am flight from California any time as that has proven to help me conquer jet lag.

You know the expression “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”? Or vice versa. Years ago, my boys laughed when I told them that I wanted us to have a lamb/lamb month. Well, part one came true, as it came in like a lamb after we finally saw a few inches of snow on the last day of February. We shall see how the month ends.