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Archives - Weekly Update

I am trapped in the "holidaze." There are a pile of presents that need wrapping, some treats to be baked (the parking garage attendants have been asking for my brownies for two weeks now) and lots of merry ho ho ho to be had. My sister flies in this weekend from Atlanta with her family to kick off the festivities. The following week has family and friend celebrations where I will cook, bake and over create the holiday. The day after Christmas I escape. We are heading to the Outer Banks in North Carolina where I plan to read and sleep for a week. I have a stack of books ready to take with me. It has both books we missed this year --- and books that will be out this winter/spring.

Last weekend I spent some time at my local bookseller as my younger son created a wish list of books that he wanted for the holidays. There in the paperback area I saw the perfect gift idea --- the boxed set, which is a collection of books by an author, smartly packaged together. I confess that I rarely think of boxed sets for books, but rather typically explore these for my favorite music artists. For those of you who do not want to give "just a book," may we suggest these? Later in this newsletter we spotlight one of the boxed sets that caught my eye. Read on for more info and don't forget to explore these when you are "conquering your holiday shopping lists" this weekend. By the way, we often find that books are more of a "last-minute" holiday purchase, don't you? 

It's official: My lists have lists. There are lists of presents to buy, presents to make, cookies to bake and things to decorate. I am vowing to remain calm, perky and festive this holiday season. Note: This is an annual vow, which lasts about as long as my New Year's resolutions.