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Archives - Weekly Update

So who knows what day of the week it is? With Christmas falling on a Tuesday, my internal day-of-the-week calendar is way off. It's a good thing that the only “must-do” on my calendar this week is writing this newsletter!

Last week, I was in the office for three days and worked home the other two. However, this week was a real vacation week. Before we all headed out last week, the staff and I did our annual holiday lunch. For the past couple of years, Trattoria Dell'Arte has been our restaurant choice. It’s a few blocks from the office, which means on a blustery day we do not have to walk far! You can see a photo of us all above, before we indulged in pizza, pasta and antipasto. I am incredibly lucky to work with Tom, Nicole, Rebecca and Greg. People are amazed at what we accomplish with a staff of just five. Their work ethic and commitment is how we get so much done. It was so nice to kick back and celebrate with them.

Remember how excited I was that there was an extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas and how that would be great for holiday prep? Well, I am not one bit ahead. I still have presents to buy/wrap and few ideas on what to get people, menus to prepare and a house to decorate. I used the extra week to work! Last week, I joined a friend for dinner at the Princeton Club, and they had the most gorgeous gingerbread houses on display. You can see one above. Note: It did not inspire me to make one.

Yep, today is my birthday --- and as I hang another one on the line, I’m still having a good time. Friday birthdays mean a three-day weekend of celebrating, though I also am very good with a seven-day celebration! We are planning dinner out tonight. There will be holiday events for the weekend, including the luminary event in our neighborhood where we all light up candles in front of our homes, which makes for a festive look to the area, and then we are on to a fun party.