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Archives - Weekly Update

My son graduated from high school! It was a wonderfully crazy 48 hours of celebrating with lots of jokes and surprisingly no tears from sentimental me. Perhaps that came from the joyous concept that there will be no alarms, homework or endless rushing around in the AM for a blessed 2 1/2 months. I woke Greg up on the last day of graduation practice (there were three days of this) and confess I did get a bit misty-eyed realizing this is the last time I would be doing reveille for him. May he please have a college schedule with late classes or may he have roommates who make lots and lots of noise. He already has demonstrated that he can sleep through the alarm.

I often have said that my life is like a sitcom, with a twist. While in a sitcom there usually are three different storylines running through a half-hour show, each relating to different characters, with me the three storylines usually all involve me and each can get me spinning in a new direction. Sometimes the three scenes get doubled, like today!

I need school to end. You know the Paul Simon song "Kodachrome"? I feel like I am living it through my older son, who was in his last week of classes at high school this week. He is beyond "senioritis" and on to "checked out." The other day he left for school at 8, which would have been wonderful except school starts at 7:30. I am all for revising the school calendar right now, so it goes something like: Start school after Labor Day (which we already do). Skip Teacher's Convention in November since we already have Thanksgiving vacation. Do two weeks off for Christmas. Four days off in February. A week of spring break. And school over by the Friday after Memorial Day.

My L.A. trip was a weekend of nonstop running. Breakfasts on Friday and Saturday morning were at the ungodly hour (at least to me) of 8AM. I know traffic in the city can be out of control, so I was up and out by 7:15. Both days as I drove down Wilshire there was a steady stream lights. Seriously. It's like the city managers know I was born late --- and always run late --- and they had the green lights going like my own little red carpet. Thus I was --- and a drumroll here please --- early both mornings!