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Heather Gudenkauf is known for her bestselling fiction, especially when it comes to suspenseful page-turners. Her latest --- available on February 2nd --- is MISSING PIECES, about a woman who uncovers earth-shattering secrets about her husband's family. The mysteries in her own life are a little less sinister, but no less life-changing. About 20 years ago, her fourth-grade students taught her about the charms of St. Nicholas Day. In her blog piece, Heather shares how her family celebrates St. Nick and why the old man can't seem to stop bringing books.
Camilla Läckberg is on a roll. Her taut thrillers are can’t-miss reading; each one is a #1 bestseller in her native Sweden and internationally acclaimed. She wasn’t always an author, though; she worked as an economist in Stockholm until a creative writing course triggered a career change. Camilla may not have started writing until later in her life, but --- as she explains here --- her love of a great story was fostered by her father very early on. Christmas is a time for family and peace, and --- most especially, if you’re anything like Camilla --- uninterrupted true crime reading. Her most recent book, THE DROWNING, released in September.
New York Times bestselling author Chris Bohjalian’s hotly anticipated new book, THE GUEST ROOM --- a story of human trafficking, a party gone horribly wrong, and a marriage in crisis --- will hit bookstores on January 5th. His favorite Christmas novel, Patrick Dennis’ THE JOYOUS SEASON, is a bit more playful; he describes its narrator as “Holden Caulfield with a sense of humor.” In his Holiday Author Blog, Chris examines what draws readers to certain holiday stories --- particularly the more self-aware contemporary ones --- and why it’s important to appreciate both the sacred and the profane.

As a first-generation American born to Afghan immigrants, Nadia Hashimi had a unique experience of Christmas. She grew up in a Muslim home, but her parents were careful to ensure that their children felt included in all traditions, whether inherited, adopted or even invented. Here, Nadia talks about how she celebrated the holidays in her own quiet way, reading books that gave her less traditional gifts: independence, imagination and pride. Her second novel, WHEN THE MOON IS LOW, released this summer.
Blogger Merissa Alink is deeply committed to “making the most of what you have.” She shares that philosophy through her writing on her wildly popular blog, “Little House Living,” which is now available as a motivational homemaking book, also and aptly called LITTLE HOUSE LIVING. Merissa is known for her no-frills practicality and DIY charm, so it comes as no surprise that she applies the same straightforward wisdom to her holiday traditions. Here, she shares her gifting formula for guaranteed success and joy to all --- including the gift givers.
An architect by profession, Charles Belfoure is also the author of the nationally bestselling THE PARIS ARCHITECT, as well as several architectural histories. In his second novel, HOUSE OF THIEVES, an esteemed architect is blackmailed into a life of crime --- and finds it more thrilling than he’d imagined. Lucky for readers, Belfoure has turned to a life of writing instead, and here, with his singular wry wit, he reveals his essential holiday reading list. No saccharine sentiment here...just plenty of irreverent entertainment for the whole family!
Mary Kubica is the New York Times bestselling author of THE GOOD GIRL and, more recently, PRETTY BABY, both nailbiters about the things that hold families together…and the things that tear them apart. Fortunately, in her real life, it seems that she’s more familiar with the former, particularly when it comes to beloved holiday traditions. Here, she talks about the magic of reading with her kids (and watching them read), always, but especially during this enchanted time of year.
Paula McLain, the bestselling author of THE PARIS WIFE and CIRCLING THE SUN, knows a thing or two about riveting historical fiction. So at first glance, it’s a bit surprising that her favorite holiday tale is an old-fashioned poem by Clement Clarke Moore. Upon closer examination, though, the outdated ode lends itself beautifully to a unique family tradition --- and sometimes nothing is lovelier during the holidays than the rituals of memory-making.
December 7, 2015

Robert Daniels: The Promise

Posted by emily
Robert Daniels is a clinical psychologist whose debut novel, ONCE SHADOWS FALL, releases on December 8th. His gripping new thriller is about Atlanta PD Detective Beth Sturgis, who teams up with reclusive former FBI agent Jack Kale in order to track a dangerous serial killer. Robert almost didn’t finish the manuscript, until, on the anniversary of his wife’s death, a miraculous accident reminded him of a promise he’d made to her. His book is a reminder of her faith in him, and of the strange and beautiful ways lost loved ones can still have an impact on our lives.
London-based author Ruth Ware’s debut novel, IN A DARK, DARK WOOD, is about a bachelorette party weekend gone horribly, horribly awry. Considering her own book is a fast-paced thriller, it’s surprising to learn that her favorite Christmas story is rather plotless and idyllic. Here, she talks about LUCY AND TOM’S CHRISTMAS, the picture book she loved so much, and the miraculous coincidence that brought it back into her life.