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December 9, 2022

“Bookaccino Live” Special Event: Bookreporter Reviewers Share Their Three Favorite Books of 2022

Posted by tom


On Tuesday, December 6th, we hosted a very special “Bookaccino Live” event where 11 Bookreporter reviewers talked about their three favorite books of 2022. Our guests were Kate Ayers, Sarah Rachel Egelman, Megan Elliott, Harvey Freedenberg, Pamela Kramer, Bronwyn Miller, Rebecca Munro, Eileen Zimmerman Nicol, Ray Palen, Norah Piehl and Stuart Shiffman. Their selections cover a wide variety of genres, and there may be a few titles here that you didn’t have on your radar that you will want to check out.

If you missed the event, click here to watch the full presentation and here to listen to the podcast. We have timestamped the video, so if you would like to hear from a specific reviewer, you easily can do that. You also can see a list of the titles that they presented here and the covers of the books below. Please note that Jana Siciliano and Ron Kaplan were not able to join us. We are including their picks here, which you also can see on the list and in the image below.

Jana Siciliano

Ron Kaplan