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Archives - December 2009

A heartfelt thanks from all of us to all of you! Kathryn Stockett's THE HELP was our first ever Book of the Year, and it looks and sounds like many of you agree!
This Christmas Eve, Susan Arnout Smith --- author of THE TIMER GAME and OUT AT NIGHT --- shares a moving story about the selflessness and generosity of one young child to another during a time of need, while also passing on one of
Sandra Dallas --- author of eight novels including NEW MERCIES, TALLGRASS and
Bestselling novelist Barbara Delinsky --- author of WHILE MY SISTER SLEEPS,
Lynne Hinton --- author of THE THINGS I KNOW BEST, FRIENDSHIP CAKE, and the newly released CHRISTMAS CAKE --- revisits childhood memories of her grandfather, and the literary legacy he'd bequeathed to her after his passing.
Jamie Ford, author of HOTEL AT THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET, exposes his inner "alpha-geek" by revealing the unlikely book that claimed the top spot on his Christmas wish list one year.
Katrina Kenison, author of MITTEN STRINGS FOR GOD, describes a lovely holiday ritual shared with her family that, over the course of two decades, has evolved into something far more meaningful than how it began.
This morning, Eloisa James --- bestselling author of seventeen historical romances, including A DUKE OF HER OWN --- shares a bittersweet memory of one particularly tough Christmas, and the poignant lesson she learned in discovering the th
Cody McFadyen --- author of four thrillers, including THE DARKER SIDE and ABANDONED --- discusses some of his family's most cherished holiday traditions, and the one in particular that he knows will always continue.
This morning, Masha Hamilton --- author of THE CAMEL BOOKMOBILE and 31 HOURS --- illustrates that great stories are not limited to just works of fiction, as she discusses a treasured recipe book and its ability to connect her with her family's rich past.