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Archives - May 2008

May 9, 2008

The Los Angeles Times Book Festival --- Part 2

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I realized that I failed to write about the last panel of the day on Saturday. It was moderated brilliantly by Donna Rifkind who clearly knew each author's work and was very articulate with her questions. The panelists --- Stuart Woods, Dan Fesperman, Eli Gottlieb and Christopher Rice thus were able to shine speaking about their work, and the art of their craft. Rice spoke about writing the books that he would like to read and spoke about growing up in a house where book reading was a mandatory assignment and he was not talking about his mom, Anne Rice's books, but rather Styron or Thomas.
Friday morning I was up, packed and on my way to the airport bright and early. I was completely ready to inhale books and authors for the weekend --- L.A. Style.