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Archives - May 2015

New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery’s THE GIRLS OF MISCHIEF BAY is the first novel of a brand new series, about three women at different stages in life, who come together to provide solace and support through shared laughter and tears, proving that when all else fails, you always have your friends. It’s safe to say that Susan’s books have moved millions of readers, and in our final Mother's Day Blog, she graciously gives credit to her mother --- for teaching her how to love books through and through, and to appreciate the lessons that can be learned from each and every story.
Kathryn Springer’s latest book, THE DANDELION FIELD, is about a handsome firefighter and a headstrong single mom who find that romance can bloom in the rockiest of places. But Kathryn wasn’t always a bestselling author; once upon a time, she was a little girl who sat at her mother’s desk and banged out stories about horses on a manual typewriter. To this day, Kathryn is grateful that her mom let her sit behind that desk --- and that she wholeheartedly encouraged Kathryn’s creative writing.
It’s easy, for writers and readers alike, to take for granted the art of oral storytelling. Not so for award-winning author Margaret Dilloway, whose mother would often tell her Japanese fairy tales from memory when she was young. Margaret’s own daughters are already avid readers, who seem to be carrying on the family tradition of dramatic recitation. Margaret’s latest book, SISTERS OF HEART AND SNOW --- the poignant story of estranged sisters, forced together by family tragedy --- is in stores now.
Former newspaper reporter Katie Schickel's debut novel, HOUSEWITCH, is Practical Magic-meets-"Desperate Housewives"-meets-"Witches of East End," about a stay-at-home mom who is caught between her desperate desire to fit in with the local moms and her new magical talents. Katie admits that she couldn’t have written it without the help of her book-loving kids, whose enthusiasm and insight proved to be invaluable to her writing process. It’s clear that her children are pretty talented themselves --- and that their mother could not be prouder.
Jamie Brickhouse is the author of DANGEROUS WHEN WET, a darkly comic memoir about his alcoholism and his mother, Mama Jean. It’s no coincidence that Jamie’s book is about his mother: It was Mama Jean who first inspired him, in that larger-than-life way of hers, to truly love books. With his signature wit, Jamie shares his memories of reading with Mama Jean --- including books that made them laugh, books that made them cry, and books that scared the feces out of them.  
In the spirit of their book, SPRING BRIDES: Three Novellas --- which tells three separate love stories, all set in spring --- Meg Moseley, Rachel Hauck and Lenora Worth all share a lovely memory of how their mothers instilled a lifelong love of reading. From not-so-covert reading under the covers after lights out, to nighttime reveries inspired by bedside stories, to prescient trips to the library with an older sister, it’s clear that Meg, Rachel and Lenora do not take their fondness for books --- or the women who inspired it --- for granted.  
Internationally bestselling author Harriet Evans’ latest book, A PLACE FOR US, is about a woman who, on the eve of her 80th birthday, decides to reveal a secret that may destroy her perfect family. Harriet herself comes from an extremely literary family; it was her mother who taught her early on to read everything for enjoyment. Here, Harriet shares how her parents influenced her early reading, and why --- especially now that she has a little girl of her own --- she can’t help but revisit the books she loved as a child.
Former navy pilot Anne A. Wilson never expected to be a romance author. Her mother, who was raised during the Depression, only kept practical books around the house --- books with black covers and the occasional Tom Clancy. But when she found herself at sea on the way to the Persian Gulf and desperate for something to read, she reluctantly turned to romance novels and has been hooked ever since. Her debut novel, HOVER, comes out on June 2nd; it’s the story of a helicopter pilot who gets recruited for a top secret SEAL mission…and finds love along the way. And guess what? Even Anne’s mother loved it.
We’re excited to kick off our sixth annual Mother’s Day Blog series with a lovely piece by bestselling author Robyn Carr. Her latest book, NEVER TOO LATE, examines the lives of three sisters as they step beyond the roles of wife, mother and daughter, and discover the importance of being a woman first. It’s a theme that resonates every day, and especially as we celebrate the special women in our lives this coming weekend. Here, Robyn talks about how her own daughter shares her love of reading…although she most definitely does not appreciate Robyn’s tendency to spill accidental spoilers!