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Now available in paperback, JUST THIEVES is a nail-biting, noirish exploration of the working lives of two unforgettable crooks and the hidden forces that rule and ruin their lives. Gregory Galloway has penned a twisty and twisted crime novel that evokes the worlds of George V. Higgins, Patricia Highsmith and David Mamet. In fact, these legendary writers --- along with Dashiell Hammett, Dorothy B. Hughes, Herman Melville and many others --- served as his inspiration for the book, which includes “more than 40 allusions, homages, references and direct lifts from novels, as well as a number of crime films.” In this fun and insightful piece, Galloway explains why and how he did this.  
We wrap up this year’s Mother’s Day Author Blog series with Sarah McCoy, whose latest novel, MUSTIQUE ISLAND, releases on May 10th. It’s a sun-splashed romp with a rich divorcee and her two wayward daughters in 1970s Mustique, the world’s most exclusive private island, where Princess Margaret and Mick Jagger were regulars and scandals stayed hidden from the press. In our final Mother’s Day blog post of 2022, Sarah reflects on the Mother’s Day celebrations she enjoyed with her mom growing up and what made them so unique. As an adult, Sarah recognizes how important it is to honor everything that her mother has been --- a daughter, a sister, a girl with big dreams, a conscientious student, a best friend, a competitive athlete, a teacher…and, of course, a loving parent.
Kimberly Brock is the award-winning author of THE RIVER WITCH and her latest novel, THE LOST BOOK OF ELEANOR DARE, a sweeping tale in which the answers to a real-life mystery may be found in the pages of a story that was always waiting to be written. It’s only fitting that Kimberly’s Mother’s Day blog post is about stories --- more specifically, the ones that her mother told her. Although her mother read all kinds of stories to her and her siblings, including the Little House on the Prairie series, there was one story in particular that Kimberly will never forget. Because it’s the most important story in the world.
EASY BEAUTY is Pulitzer Prize finalist Chloé Cooper Jones’ groundbreaking memoir about disability, motherhood, and a journey to far-flung places in search of a new way of seeing and being seen. In anticipation of Mother’s Day, Chloé was kind enough to share with us an excerpt from her book. She told us, “I write a lot about my mother in EASY BEAUTY, but this brief section --- a portrait of us on a rare family vacation --- reveals the most about our relationship by simply sketching the intimacy of our everyday conversations and the way we tease, deflect, scold and protect each other. When I’m away from my mother, as I will be this Mother’s Day, I miss our commonplace conversations and how they show me our easy bond and understanding of each other.”
Deborah Goodrich Royce’s first psychological thriller, FINDING MRS. FORD, was published in 2019 to rave reviews. Her second, the highly praised RUBY FALLS, released in 2021 and is now available in paperback. In last year’s Mother’s Day Author blog series, Deborah wrote a wonderful piece about memorable moments, or markers, in her life --- the most important of which involved raising her daughters and witnessing their various milestones and achievements. This year, Deborah returns to share another marker with us --- a Sunday evening ritual that allowed her to spend quality time with her girls and read with them.
Popular CNN anchor Zain E. Asher was born to first-generation Nigerian parents in South London. She was raised by her mother, Obiajulu Ejiofor, after losing her father in a tragic car accident when she was just five years old. Drawing on tough-love parenting strategies, Obiajulu taught Zain and her three siblings to overcome the daily pressures of poverty, crime, prejudice and much more. Zain’s remembrances of Obiajulu in her Mother’s Day blog post will inspire you to read her newly released memoir, WHERE THE CHILDREN TAKE US, where she pays tribute to her mother’s strength, tenacity, perseverance and relentless support.
We are kicking off this year’s Mother’s Day Author Blog series with Kimberly Belle, the USA Today and internationally bestselling author of seven novels, including her recently released psychological thriller, MY DARLING HUSBAND. When Kimberly’s children were young, life in the Belle household was routinely chaotic. Although there never seemed to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, she would always find time each night to read books to her kids. As Kimberly so eloquently puts it, “these little moments make the biggest memories, and some of the most precious.”
I’m not sure what other book festivals are like, as our group of four has only ever attended the Tucson Festival of Books, but this two-day event on the University of Arizona campus is truly outstanding. Authors present in small groups in various locations for one-hour increments, all focused on a common theme. There are 300 presentations and 250+ authors. In addition, there are a myriad of booths set up where people can buy books and children can play games, learn about science, etc. The event is definitely geared toward families.
Since its inception in February 2002, Melville House has been called “brilliant,” “anti-establishment,” “small but innovative,” and “[an] enticing American boutique.” Twenty years later, with offices in Brooklyn and London and a staff of 15, co-founders Dennis Johnson and Valerie Merians have published over 700 books, including an astonishing list of internationally acclaimed authors. They recently sat down with Michael Barson, Senior Publicity Executive at Melville House, to talk about the launch of the company, the most unexpected and most welcome developments in book publishing over the past two decades, and the challenges they face in the years to come.
We wrap up this year’s Holiday Author Blog series with Julia Kelly, the award-winning author of books about ordinary women and their extraordinary stories. Her upcoming novel, THE LAST DANCE OF THE DEBUTANTE (on sale January 4th), whisks readers to midcentury Britain as it follows three of the last debutantes to be presented to Queen Elizabeth II. Julia and the members of her family are all voracious readers, so they know that on Christmas Day, each of their personal libraries will be well-stocked with new releases and old favorites. Read on to discover the unique (and fun!) way they exchange their bookish gifts.