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June 18, 2012

An Interview with Jane Green

Jane Green is a bestselling author of popular novels. She has been featured in People, Newsweek, USA Today, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan. She lives in Connecticut with her family. Here, she answers a series of questions about recording ANOTHER PIECE OF MY HEART.

How long did it take you to record your book?
It was about five days, but I suspect it would have been shorter had we eliminated the travel time. The studio was in New York, and I travelled in from Connecticut, then had to get back for the children after school.
How did you keep your voice “in shape” during the recording sessions?
Lots of water and coffee, and few social arrangements!
What word(s) did you stumble over?
Mostly words that are pronounced differently in England and America. Luckily I had a wonderful team on hand to help.
What did you enjoy about the recording experience?
I loved bringing my characters to life
Did your book “feel” different to you as you read it?
I was appalled at the repetitions! Thank heavens I had time to rush edits in. I now think every author should be made to read their books out loud before handing them in. It's astonishing what you pick up when you read aloud.
Any funny stories to share?
I came back after lunch to find someone waiting at the door. Feeling very professional I stepped forward and proffered my pass, only to realize the man waiting was Al Roker. My superiority at being the "old-timer" lasted about 1/60th of a second.
Did you find yourself wanting to edit/rewrite?  Did you?
I wanted to edit the entire book. Terrifying!
For authors who have had more than one book recorded: Did the experience of recording your audiobook change your writing process for your next book?
Not at all, but I realize that in order to record again, I have to really have at least one English character or it doesn't quite make sense.
Did you imagine any voices for your characters while you were creating them for the page?  If so, what was it like trying to create those voices in the recording studio?
Terrifying. At one point I do a very, very poor Irish accent for the nurse. Oh, how I wish I had practiced before…
Do you like to listen to audio yourself?  If yes: where do you listen?  What types of books do you listen to?  Do you have any favorite narrators?
I once heard Judith Light and instantly knew she would have made a perfect Nan for THE BEACH HOUSE, and am still somewhat devastated it wasn't her. I may have to write my next book with Judith Light in mind for the main character…